Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is Aspire only for African American students?

A – Aspire is designed to attract and support African American students but welcomes ALL students in hopes of building a stronger sense of “community” among students, staff, and faculty.

Q – What if I don’t have a 2.0 GPA or am not enrolled in 6 units?

A – Students who do not meet the GPA or units requirement may be admitted to the program with specific conditions. See the Commitment to Success Contract or orientation facilitator for additional details.

Q – Suppose I would like to change my mentor?

A – You can speak with the program coordinator at any point to discuss any issues with your mentorship. All efforts will be made to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Q – Will my mentor be African-American?

A – The mentors of Aspire are made up of faculty, staff, and administrators from the entire college community. They reflect a variety of ethnicities and both genders.