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Student FAQs


Employer FAQs

    • What is the difference between an internship and work experience?

      Both terms are used to describe a beneficial pre-professional experience related to a student’s major or career plans.  “Work Experience” is the term used by the California Department of Education to identify a course of study that meets Title V guidelines for academic credit.  Within the Tech Health Division, courses may be titled “Work Experience” or “Internship” depending upon the program of study.

    • Who covers the students under workers compensation insurance?

      If the position is paid, it will be the employer’s responsibility to cover the student.  If the position is unpaid, the college will cover the student under our workers compensation policy.

    • Will you refer a student to me immediately?

      No.  Work Experience must align with the academic term.  Typically, students are referred to employers for interviews the term prior to when they wish to enroll in Work Experience.  Additionally, not all disciplines offer Work Experience every term.

    • Are students pre-screened?

      Yes.  The Career Services Specialist will meet with the student to determine their goals, skills, and availability, prior to making any referrals. Employers make all decisions related to interviews and selection.

    • Am I obligated to host students referred to me?

      No.  Employers are expected to interview students. Only students deemed to be a good fit, should be offered a position.

    • Am I obligated to keep the student if they are not meeting satisfactory standards?

      No.  Students should be held to the same standards as employees.  Students are expected to abide by employer rules and regulations.  Failure to do so may subject a student to disciplinary action by the employer and be reflected in the employer’s evaluation of the student.

    • Do employers have to hire Work Experience students once the term has ended?

      No.  Although many employers convert Work Experience students to Part-Time or Full-Time paid status, there is no obligation to do so after the term concludes.

    • Is it possible to keep a student for an entire year?

      Yes.  Students may earn up to 16 units of Work Experience credit, permitting students to enroll in consecutive terms, however, students will be required to have new learning objectives each term.

    • How do I get started?

      Your organization is a likely candidate to participate if it can provide the minimum work hours required for students, professional supervision and mentorship, a meaningful learning experience.  Please complete our Interest Form and our specialist will contact you.