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Accessible Documents

Learn how to make digital documents accessible

Documents and Email

Mt. San Antonio College is committed to ensuring persons with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in and enjoy the benefits of services, programs and/or activities conducted by the state. Therefore, all electronic media should be scanned for accessibility compliance prior to sending.

    • 1Word Documents

      Word or other Microsoft Office documents such as Excel and PowerPoint can be scanned and fixed for accessibility compliance by following these remediation procedures for Office documents.

      If creating a Word or other document from scratch, use the following LIST (Links, Images, Styles and Structure, Tables) model to ensure your websites are accessible:

      • Use descriptive names for Links that clearly explain where the link will go. Avoid "Click Here."
      • Add alternative text to Images.
      • Add Structure to your headings and page organization.
      • Avoid Tables where possible and do not use tables for formatting information into columns. 

      Complete a one-hour self-paced workshop on Microsoft Word accessibility in Mt. SAC POD (Mt. SAC sign-in may be required).

    • 2PDF Documents

      PDF documents can be made accessible by following these PDF remediation procedures.

      All employees can use this free document conversion tool to change a PDF to another format. Also, check out these self-paced PDF resources.

      You can also get help with PDF remediation. This will take you to an accessibility request form where you provide your name and contact information, and attach your file for assistance.

      Professors: Canvas also contains Alternate formats and UDOIT (Accessibility Checker) where you can address several PDF remediation issues or convert the PDF to a Canvas page, plain text or other alternative formats. 

    • 3Email

       Mt. SAC email that contains pictures, graphics, videos or colored text must pass ADA accessibility standards. 

      • Do not scan a flyer and attach it to an email without adding alternate text to the graphic image and making sure all verbiage in the graphic is duplicated and available in text format within the body of the email.
      • Do not add a link to a video that is not able to display captions.
      • Do not attach or add a link to a PDF or other document that does not pass an accessibility scan.

      Follow these procedures to make your email accessible.

      Note: When creating a longer email, it is advisable to add structure and styling such as headings, bulleted lists, and bold or Italic formatting, the same as you would to make a Word document accessible.

      Tip: Write your email using Microsoft Word first, style it, and then cut and paste it into your email before sending.