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Full-Time Faculty

Picture of Daniel Anderson 
Anderson, Daniel

Office: 60-1415
Campus phone:4017
Email: danderson@mtsac.edu 

Picture of Zahir Kahn
Kahn, Zahir

Office: 60-1614
Campus phone:4424
Email: mkahn@mtsac.edu 


Picture of Martin Mason 
Mason, Martin
(Dept. co-Chair, Engineering)

Office: 60-1411
Campus phone: 5306
Email: mmason@mtsac.edu

Picture of Malcolm Rickard
Rickard, Malcolm
(Dept. co-Chair, Physics)

Office: 60-1409
Campus phone:6868
Email: mrickard@mtsac.edu 

 Picture of Karen Schnurbusch
Schnurbusch, Karen

Office: 60-1310
Campus phone:5305
Email: kschnurbusch@mtsac.edu 

 Picture of Vahe Tatoian
Tatoian, Vahe

Office: 60-1405
Campus phone:4434
Email: vtatoian@mtsac.edu 

 Picture of Phil Wolf
Wolf, Phil

Office: 60-1407
Campus phone:4421
Email: pwolf@mtsac.edu