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Office of Instruction

Credit by Exam

The College provides Credit by Examination enabling students to accelerate their educational program by providing opportunities to obtain credit in those fields in which they have achieved proficiency independently or by formal means. The list of courses in which credit by exam can be granted is provided.


At a minimum, the eligibility guidelines shall require:

  1. The student is currently registered and in good standing at Mt. San Antonio College (unless a current high school articulation exists);
  2. The student has not already received credit for the course or for a more advanced course which follows the course in sequence;
  3. The student has not been enrolled in the same course or for a more advanced course which follows the course in sequence for more than six weeks.

Departments choosing to offer credit by examination shall provide the faculty in the relevant discipline sole authority to determine the nature and content of the examination, including whether and to what extent the examination includes written, oral, skills-based, and portfolio-based components.  The discipline faculty shall determine that the examination adequately measures mastery of the course content as set forth in the Course Outline of Record.

Petitions for credit by examination shall be available at each division office.  Upon receiving a petition, the division dean shall contact the appropriate department chair, who shall assign a faculty member who has taught the course in question within the past five years.  This faculty member shall oversee the department's examination and evaluate the results, using the same grading system as normally used for the course.


Credit by Exam Listing (last updated on September 6, 2017)