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Office of Instruction

Credit by Exam

The College provides Credit by Examination enabling students to accelerate their educational program by providing opportunities to obtain credit in those fields in which they have achieved proficiency independently or by formal means. The list of courses in which credit by exam can be granted is provided.


At a minimum, the eligibility guidelines shall require:

  1. The student is currently registered and in good standing at Mt. San Antonio College (unless a current high school articulation exists);
  2. The student has not already received credit for the course or for a more advanced course which follows the course in sequence;
  3. The student has not been enrolled in the same course or for a more advanced course which follows the course in sequence for more than six weeks.

Departments choosing to offer credit by examination shall provide the faculty in the relevant discipline sole authority to determine the nature and content of the examination, including whether and to what extent the examination includes written, oral, skills-based, and portfolio-based components.  The discipline faculty shall determine that the examination adequately measures mastery of the course content as set forth in the Course Outline of Record.

Petitions for credit by examination shall be available at each division office.  Upon receiving a petition, the division dean shall contact the appropriate department chair, who shall assign a faculty member who has taught the course in question within the past five years.  This faculty member shall oversee the department's examination and evaluate the results, using the same grading system as normally used for the course.

 Technology and Health Division 
Commercial & Entertainment Arts  Aeronautics, Transportation
 ARTC 100 - Graphic Design I AERO 100 - Primary Pilot Ground School 
 ARTC 200 - Web Design AERO 102 - Aviation Weather 
 PHOT 9 - Digital Image Editing for Photographers AERO 104 - Federal Aviation Regulations
 PHOT 10 - Basic Digital and Film Photography AERO 150 - COmmercial Pilot Ground School 
 PHOT 20 - Color Photography  AERO 152 - Instrument Ground School
Fine Arts  AERO 252 - Air Transporation
 ANIM 108 - Principles of Animation Air Conditioning, Welding, and Water Technology
Music AIRC 10 - Technical Mathematics in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
 MUS 2 - Music Theory AIRC 11 - Welding for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
 MUS 5A - Musicianship AIRC 20 - Refrigeration Fundamentals 
 MUS 7 - Fundamentals of Music  AIRC 25 - Electrical Fundamentals for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
 MUS 17A - Elementary Class Piano WELD 40 - Introduction to Welding
 MUS 17B - Intermediate Class Piano  WELD 50 - Oxyacetylene Welding 
 WELD 51 - Basic Electric Arc Welding 
Accounting and Management  WELD 53A - Welding Metallurgy 
 BUSA 11 - Fundamentals of Accounting  WELD 70A - Beginning Arc Welding
 BUSA 68 - Business Mathematics  WELD 70B - Intermediate Arc Welding
BUSA 71 - Personal Financial Planning WELD 70C - Certification for Welders
BUSA 72 - Bookkeeping/Accounting  
BUSM 20 - Principles of Business  
BUSM 60 - Human Relations in Business  
BUSM 61 - Business Organization and Management  
BUSM 66 - Small Business Management  
Business Administration   
BUSR 50 - Real Estate Principles  
Child Development  
CHILD 5 - Principles/Practice in Child Development Programs  
CHILD 61 - Language Arts & Art Media for Young Children  
CHILD 64 - Health, Safety, and Nutrition of Young Children  
Computer Information Systems   
CISB 11 - Computer Information Systems  
CISB 15 - Microcomputer Applications  
CISB 31 - Microsoft Word  
CISW 15 - Web Site Development  
Consumer Science & Design Technologies   
FASH 10 - Clothing Fundamentals  
FCS 41 - Life Management   
FCS 80 - Personal Financial Planning  
NF 10 - Nutrition for Perosnal Health and Wellness  
HRM 51 - Introduction to Hospitality   
HRM 52 - Food Safety & Sanitation  
HRM 53 - Dining Room Service Management   
HRM 54 - Basic Cooking Techniques  
HRM 56 - Management of Hsopitality Operations and Personnel   
HRM 57 - Restaurant Cost Control  
HRM 60 - Purchasing for the Restaurant Industry  
HRM 61 - Menu Planning  
HRM 62 - Event Planning and Catering  
HRM 64 - Hospitality Financial Accounting I  
HRM 66 - Hospitality Law  
HRM 70 - Introduction to Lodging  
HRM 81 - Garde Manger  
HRM 82 - Basking and Pastry   
HRM 83 - International Cuisines   
HRM 91 - Work Experinece in Restaurant/Hospitality   
Office Technology  
BUSO 5 - Business English  
BUSO 96A - Business Vocabulary   
Humanities & Social Sciences Division 
Sign Language / Interpreting   
SIGN 101 - American Sign Language 1  
SIGN 102 - American Sign Language 2  
SIGN 103 - American Sign Language 3  
SIGN 104 - American Sign Language 4  
SIGN 105 - American Sign Language 5  
Physical Education & Wellness Programs  
KIN 19 - Introduction to Prevention of Athletics Injuries   
Natural Sciences Division
Agricultural Sciences  
AGAN I - Animal Science  
AGLI 16 - Horse Production  
AGOR 1 - Horticultural Science  
AGOR 13 - Landscape Design  
AGOR 71 - Construction Fundamentals  
Biological Sciences   
BIO 1 - General Biology   


Credit by Exam Listing (last updated on September 6, 2017)