Histotechnician Program

Employment Outlook

Salaries & Wages:  ASCP certified histotechnicians and technologists in California are amongst the highest paid in the nation.  Compensation will depend on experience, area of specialty, location, and other factors. For more information, download the Student Handbook.

Benefits Offered:  Histotechnicians often receive the following benefits:  medical and dental insurance, long-term disability insurance, pension plans, 401K or 403B plans, and incentive programs for continuing education.

Supply and Demand Assessment:  According to the American Society for Clinical Pathology, there are more jobs for histotechnicians than educated people to fill these jobs.  The need for histotechnicians is great throughout the country, offering histotechnicians an unlimited choice of employment.

Technical and Personal Characteristics Needed:  The following skills or traits are beneficial to students enrolling in the histotechnician training program:

    • Strong interest in the sciences
    • Oral and written  communication skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Common sense
    • Problem solvers
    • Good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity
    • Ability to work as part of a team
    • Attention to detail
    • Positive attitude
    • Professional demeanor