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Graphic Design

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The Graphic Design & Illustration Club


Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program offers degree and certificate options designed to prepare students to be graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, production or layout artists, publication artists, print advertising artists, desktop publishers, interface designers, or content designers.

Students take courses in creativity, design, typography, drawing, motion graphics, illustration, digital photography and more. After building a portfolio at Mt. San Antonio College, they either transfer to a four-year design program or begin a career in graphic design, web design, print design, advertising, TV, film, game design, digital effects and animation.

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Grid is a professional development club that serves to provide students with the opportunity to get real world work experience by serving the Mt. San Antonio College community. 

Design Lab

The Design Lab is equipped with everything you'll need for your coursework. Lab technicians and tutors are available to provide you with all the support you'll need outside the classroom.

Experienced Faculty

Our instructors have extensive industry experience and have worked for hundreds of companies, from Disney to Apple.

Why choose our program?

  • INDUSTRY-CONNECTED FACULTY: You’ll learn from top-notch faculty with real-world industry experience. 

  • GREAT FACILITIES: Our new Design Technology Center will give you access to the latest technology, software and equipment in a hands-on lab that’s always open and always staffed with one-on-one tutors. 

  • OUR STUDENT CLUB: Participating in our student club will give you an opportunity to grow your real-world work experience and design portfolio.

  • CAREER SKILLS: Not only will you expand your design and illustration skills, but you’ll learn career skills such as collaborating in teams and strong project management (using Basecamp software).

  • AFFORDABLE: Our program is competitive with other prestigious design colleges, but it’s also more affordable.

Our Staff

  • Keith Batcheller
  • Edgar Garcia
  • Tina Howland

Graphic Design

8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Building 13
(909) 274-7500