Student Success and Support Program Advisory Committee (SSSPAC)

(Formerly known as the Assessment and Matriculation Committee)


 Jim Ocampo (Co-Chair)  Director, Assessment & Matriculation Ongoing  Administration
 Tom Mauch  Dean, Counseling Ongoing  Administration
 Evelyn Hill-Enriquez (Co-Chair)  Amla 2015-18  Academic Senate
 Dianne Rowley  Learning Assistance 2014-17  Academic Senate
 Michael Harper  English 2015-18  Academic Senate
 David Beydler  Math 2013-16  Academic Senate
 Angel Lujan  Counseling 2015-18  Academic Senate
 Mary Ann Gomez-Angel  Continuing Education    Academic Senate
 Masoud Roueintan  At-Large 2014-17  Academic Senate
 Maria Tsai  Research & Institutional Effectiveness Ongoing  Research Department
 Deejay Santiago  Continuing Education 2015-18  Academic Senate
 Sun Ezzell  AWE Facilitator 2015-16  Academic Senate
 Lucy De Leon  SSSP Project Program Coordinator Ongoing  Administration