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Facilities Advisory Committee


  Position Represented Name Term
1 Director, Facilities Planning & Management (Chair) Gary Nellesen Ongoing
2 DSP&S (appointed by the Vice President, Student Services) Grace Hanson 2014-17
3 Management (one appointed by the Vice President, Instruction and one appointed by the Vice President, Administrative Services) Joumana McGowan 2016-19
4 Bill Eastham 2016-19
5 Faculty (appointed by the Academic Senate) Mark Ruh 2017-20
6 Eric Kaljumagi 2014-17
7 Classified (one appointed by CSEA 651 and one appointed by CSEA 262) Diondre McBride 2015-18
8 Katherine MacDonald 2014-17
9 Confidential (appointed by the Confidentials) Vacant 2016-19
10 Student (appointed by the Associated Students) Brian Moon
Andi Sims


Membership Meeting Times

Committee Type Chair Meeting Schedule Location Time
Operational Gary Nellesen 2nd Monday of the month 46-1050 10:00am - 12:00pm


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