Accreditation Steering Committee

(Governance Committee - Reports to President's Advisory Council)


The Accreditation Steering Committee guides progress and the processes related to ongoing Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) accreditation.  Members are to become experts on accreditation policies and standards and serve as a resource to the campus.


1.  Be an active resource to the campus regarding accreditation issues.

2.  Guide the accreditation progress and process for the College.

3.  Develop timelines and recommend policies and procedures for accreditation. 

4.  Coordinate training for faculty, staff, and management with regard to accreditation, standards, policies, and procedures. 

5.  Establish sub-groups (e.g., Work Groups versus Standard Groups) and provide guidelines for effective participation and timely completion of group tasks. 

6. Review and provide input on reports for the ACCJC. 

7.  Recommend appointment of accreditation report editor.