Accreditation Steering Committee



Member Title Status
Dr. Irene Malmgren Accreditation Liaison Officer/Vice President, Instruction              (Co-Chair) Ongoing
Kristina Allende Faculty Accreditation Coordinator (Co-Chair) Ongoing
Barbara McNeice-Stallard Director, Research and Institutional Effectiveness Ongoing
Dr. Madelyn Arballo Dean, School of Continuing Education Ongoing
Lianne Greenlee Director, Professional & Organizational Development Ongoing
Sokha Song EEO Programs & Title IX Coordinator 2016-19
Ron Bean Assistant Director, Academic Technology 2015-18
Dr. Audrey Yamagata-Noji Vice President, Student Services 2016-19
Martin Ramey Academic Senate President 2016-18
Eric Kaljumagi Faculty Association President 2015-18
Diana Dzib Appointed by Classified Senate President 2017-18
Vacant Appointed by CSEA 262 President 2016-19
Ruben Flores Appointed by CSEA 651 President 2015-18
Vacant Appointed by the Associated Students 2017-18
Emily Woolery Outcomes Coordinator 2016-18