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Canvas is Mt. SAC's Learning Management System or LMS. Online and hybrid courses must use Canvas as the online classroom where courses are hosted, but Canvas is not just for online courses. Traditional, face-to-face courses can use Canvas to provide course content and materials, provide assignment instructions. collect assignments, or to communicate with students.


Professors: Join the Mt. SAC Canvas Faculty Center online!

The Mt. SAC Canvas Faculty Center is facilitated by the Faculty Center for Learning Technology team.This online faculty center in Canvas is designed to keep you updated about Canvas and its functions and features. We let you know when there are changes, and announce training and workshop opportunities. Modules in the Mt. SAC Canvas Faculty Center provide useful information for common tasks in Canvas and links to additional resources, information, and online courses for professional development. 

 Canvas was adopted in 2016 and was selected as part of the statewide Online Education Initiative (OEI). Read more about that here. 

Canvas Sandbox

How Do Professors Get a Canvas Account? 

Every Mt. SAC  faculty member is automatically given an account in Canvas. Mt. SAC does not require specific training  or a test of proficiency to gain entry. Every professor is given several sandboxes* to develop course materials and try out Canvas functionality and features. 

Where to Find Your Canvas Account

Faculty and students log in to Canvas through the Mt. SAC  portal on the eLearning Resources tab. A "Sign in to Mt. SAC Canvas" button will take you directly into Canvas.  Because Canvas is part of Single Sign-On, your portal login serves to log you into Canvas as well. It is also possible to login by typing the Mt. SAC Canvas URL directly into your browser: You will be prompted to enter your portal login credentials. Chrome and Firefox are recommended browsers for Canvas. There are known Canvas problems with Internet Explorer and Safari. 

*What's a sandbox? Glad you asked!

sandbox A sandbox is a course with no enrollment and no expiration date (unless you overwrite the course settings by putting an end date in the Course Details page, which will cause you to lose editing access to the course). Sandboxes allow you creative freedom to learn how Canvas works and try out different tools and features or work on course design when you have time instead of waiting for the course shells to become available for the semester. It is very easy to move some or all materials created in a sandbox to another course. This is one of many tasks that the FCLT or Learn Canvas resources can help you figure out. 


Account/Sandbox Requests

Are you in a non-faculty role or are you a faculty member who needs additional sandbox space? Make requests to the IT help desk ( or x4357), submit a helpdesk ticket via the portal, or submit a help ticket under "Report A Problem" from within Canvas Help.

Making Your Course Visible to Students

If a professor wishes to use Canvas, they must "publish" the course to make it visible so that  students are able to see it. If a professor does nothing, the course will not be visible to students and nothing is needed. 

Canvas Resources

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