DLC Reports

DL Master Plan

DL Master Plan  - approved by AS Spring 2013


Annual Reports

DLC Annual Report to Academic Senate - 2015-2016
DLC Annual Report to Academic Senate - 2014-2015
DLC Annual Report to Academic Senate - 2013-2014
DLC Annual Report to Academic Senate - 2012 - 2013
DLC Annual Report to Academic Senate - 2011 - 2012
 DLC Annual Report to Academic Senate - 2010 - 2011


Other DLC Documents

Mock Review - Lessons Learned

This document highlights the results of our Mock Review held in Spring 2014. 17 courses were reviewed by reviewers from both the DLC at Mt. SAC and faculty and managers from other California Community Colleges whose DL courses had recently been reviewed by the ACCJC.

General Ed Requirements for AA Degree and Transfer

This document highlights all courses that are approved to be taught as Distance Learning courses. This does not suggest that all of these courses are currently being taught as DL; it simply lists courses that MAY be taught as General Education courses.


Latest Success and Retention Report

Success and Retention 2001-2008 compared to 2009-2013

This document highlights the success and retention rates for traditional vs. distance learning courses for 2001-2008 and compares them to the rates for 2009-2013.