Test Results

How do I get my test results?
• You may see your test results at https://inside.mtsac.edu.  (Select "Student" tab and click on "View /  Placement Test Results".)
• You may also return to the Assessment Center with a photo I.D. Test results will not be given unless you have a photo I.D.
• Test results are not available over the telephone.
• For help understanding your test results, go to Understanding Your Test Results.
When are my test results ready?
• Writing test results availability is announced during the test.  (Please check with Assessment staff.)
• Reading, math, and chemistry test results are usually ready on the same day, at the latest, the following morning.  (Please check with Assessment staff.)
Can someone else pick-up my test results?
• Parents (regardless of the child's age) and others cannot pick-up your test results unless they have written permission from you and a copy of your photo I.D. They also must have a photo I.D.
• If you did not have a photo I.D. when you took the test, please bring your photo I.D. to pick-up your test results.
When can I take the test again?
• You have to wait three (3) months to take the same test again. You may take the math test again, no waiting period, as long as it's a different level.
• Test results are valid for only two (2) years.

Can I have my test results sent to another college?
• Please fill out the Release Placement Test Results Form and submit to the Assessment Center.
What do I do next?
• After completing your placement tests, please contact Counseling and make an appointment to attend an Orientation.