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arrowHow Can I Get a Catalog and/or Schedule of Credit Classes?
The current College Catalog can be purchased at the bookstore or downloaded from Mt. San Antonio College's web site. For purchasing information call the SacBookRac at (909) 594-5611 ext. 4475. The College Catalog contains information about the college, procedures, and program requirements for the academic year. The Schedule of Credit Classes contains information about intended course offerings and registration procedures for a specific term. The Schedule of Credit Classes is available, at no charge, in campus offices and district libraries, or download it from the web site.
arrowHow do I apply for admissions?
To apply for admission, please visit In the header at the top-left side is the "Apply Now" link. Click on this link and begin the application process. Once the application is complete, you will receive an email confirmation that the application has been submitted. Please keep this email as it will contain your "confirmation number." This number will be important if you need to check the status of your application. Please also read the information in the email as it will provide valuable information concerning the applicant's next steps and application processing timelines.
arrowHow Do I Register?
To be eligible to register for classes, a student must have a current Application for Admission on file or be a "continuing student." A continuing student is a person who has been enrolled in credit classes and has not missed two consecutive major terms (e.g., Fall 2009 and Spring 2010). Once an application is on file for a specified term, and the student has claimed their account, a registration date/time will be assigned no later than two weeks before the start of the appropriate term. The assigned registration date/time can be found by logging into For complete registration procedures consult the current Class Schedule.
arrowWhen Can I File My Application for Admission?
Mt. SAC begins accepting applications for admissions during the specified time periods.
  • Fall Term – December 15 of the previous year.
  • Winter Term – October 15 of the previous year.
  • Spring Term – December 1 of the previous year.
  • Summer Term – December 15 of the previous year.
Students are strongly urged to file their Applications at least three months prior to the beginning of the desired semester. Applications are processed in the order received.
arrowWhen Do Classes Begin?
  • Fall Semester: Fourth Monday in August
  • Winter Intersession: Second Monday in January
  • Spring Semester: Fourth Monday in February
  • Summer Intersession: Third Monday of May
Please refer to the college calendar for more specific information.
arrowWhat if the Class is Full?
If the class is full at the time of registration, a limited number of students can place themselves on a wait list. This list allows student to potentially add the course at a later date (if a space becomes available). Getting on a wait list does not enroll the students in a class, if a space becomes available the student will be notified via their campus email address. The student will then have about 72 hours from their initial e-mail notification to add themselves to the course. Failure to add themselves on time will result in removal from the wait list. If a student makes it to the wait list but is not offered a seat in the class, the wait list is used to establish a priority for adding the class. In this case, students must attend the first class meeting, obtain an "add authorization code" from the instructor, and process the add authorization code via their mtsac portal prior to the codes expiration date.
arrowWhat if a Class is Canceled?
In the event of the cancellation of a class the student may have several options.
  • In some instances the college may decide to provide an alternate section of the course
  • The student may find an open section and add
  • The student may add another course
If a refund is due, the refund will be automatically generated and mailed to the student's address on file. For more information regarding refund deadlines and procedures, please check with the Bursar's Office.
arrowHow Do I Drop a Class?
A student must drop the class online It is the student's responsibility to make sure classes are dropped according to established deadlines in order to potentially avoid fees and/or negative grades. In all cases, it is important to print out your registration to have a record/proof of the courses for which you are officially registered.
arrowHow Can I Get My Grades?
Mt. San Antonio College does not mail grade reports. However, a student can view their grades for the completed term in the student portal at Grades are typically available no later than two weeks after the end of the semester. A student's unofficial transcript can also be accessed via the student portal. This unofficial transcript will provide grades for the student's career at Mt. SAC.
arrowHow Do I Request Official Transcripts?
The Office of Admissions and Records is located first floor of the Student Services Center. Official transcripts can be obtained (usually within 5-10 business days) by submitting the Transcript Request Form to the Office of Admissions and Records. The transcript request form should be presented in person to Admissions Counter or it can be downloaded, printed, and mailed to the address on the form.
arrowWhat Does Pass (P) / No Pass (NP) mean?
Mt. San Antonio College offers several courses that may be taken for a letter grade (A, B, C, D, and F), or Pass/No-Pass. Upon registration students are signed up on a letter-grade basis. If a change is desired the student must declare his or her intent to be graded on a Pass/No-Pass basis. This change can be made via the student portal for up to the 1st 20% of the class. Between 20% and 30% of class time the change can be made by completing the required form and submitting to the Office of Admissions and Records. Pass/No-Pass does not affect the student's GPA and is not transferable to most institutions. If a student is unsure about taking a class for a grade or for Pass/No-Pass he or she should speak to a counselor in the Counseling Office. Pass/No-Pass is not the same as Non-Credit or Community Education classes.
arrowHow Do I Transfer Units From Another College/University to Mt. SAC?
You must first contact all accredited colleges, universities, and trade schools you have attended, and ask that official transcripts be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records at Mt. San Antonio College. Hand carried transcripts will be accepted if the official transcripts are still sealed in the original envelope of the Registrar. If you opened the envelope you will need to request another "official" copy from the institution. Mt. San Antonio College will only transfer units from other institutions at the student's request and only after receiving official transcripts from all institutions attended. It is the responsibility of the student to request the evaluation of official transcripts from other colleges. This may be accomplished by submitting a completed Evaluation Request form at the Office of Admissions and Records. Transcripts submitted become the property of Mt. San Antonio College District and can not be returned to the student or forwarded to other institutions.
arrowWhat is Mt. SAC's School Code?
Mt. SAC has many codes. The following are the most common used. The CEEB, or College Board Code, is commonly used on CSU and UC applications. Mt. SAC's CEEB Code is 004494. The FICE, or Federal Code, is commonly used on Financial Aid forms. Mt. SAC's FICE Code is 001245.
arrowHow is my Registration Date Assigned?
Mt. San Antonio College is required by the State of California (Title 5, Section 58108) to establish a system of providing an equal and fair chance for all students to register for the classes they need throughout their college career. Mt. SAC's priority registration was established to enable students to enter and be able to complete their educational goals within a reasonable time frame. Students are not allowed to register before their assigned date and time as published in their portal The College is not in the practice of changing or swapping priority dates. Priority is given to groups of students as defined by categories. Students who fall in the same category are then prioritized and randomly assigned to appointment dates and times. Because of this random assignment, it is possible that two students with the same number of units completed can be assigned priority dates that may be days apart.
arrowHow Do I Return to Mt. SAC if I Have Not Attended for at Least a Year?
If you have not been enrolled in classes at Mt. SAC for two consecutive major terms (i.e., Fall and Spring), you will need to complete a new Application for Admission. Mt. SAC will always maintain records of the classes taken at Mt. SAC. However, if transcripts were brought from another school, those records may have been purged and duplicates may be required. Orientation will not be required for students who have previously participated in Orientation or students that have completed more than one unit of credit. However, updated placement testing may be necessary. Counselors are available to help students get back on track.

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