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OneDrive Training Resources

OneDrive is a cloud based file storage service available to all Mt. SAC employees as part of the Office 365 Suite. 

With OneDrive you will be able to:

  • Upload files to the cloud and access them from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Automatically sync folders and files between multiple computers using the preinstalled OneDrive application
  • Easily share files by creating sharable links or assigning permissions to users using Office 365
  • Save space on your hard drive by keeping less used files in the cloud


Learn how to use OneDrive by watching the Introduction to OneDrive video that covers setting up the application and basic functionality: Introduction to OneDrive and Basic Functionality (Video)

You can also follow these step-by-step guides to learn some of that same basic functionality:

Introduction to OneDrive (Video)

This video will guide you through the OneDrive App setup process as well as explain it's key features.

Signing Into and Setting Up OneDrive in Windows (Walkthrough)


    • 1Locating the OneDrive App in Windows

      Gif showing opening the Start Menu, typing onedrive and selecting the top result

      • In Windows, open the Start Menu
      • Start typing "onedrive" to search for the OneDrive application
      • Click the OneDrive result to open the program
      • Note: you may see a "OneDrive for Business", that is NOT the same application
    • 2First Time Signing Into the OneDrive App

      Gif showing typing in of username and password in OneDrive setup prompts

      • You will be asked to enter your Mt. SAC email address and Single Sign On password
      • Note: if you have two factor authentication enabled on your Office 365 account you will also be prompted to enter a code sent to your mobile device or generated through an authentication app
    • 3Selecting Folders to Backup

      Gif showing the default backup folder and deselecting the Desktop, Pictures and Documents folders

      • In the next prompt you wil be asked to set which folders will be synced to OneDrive
      • Your user folder will be chosen by default and you can click the "Next" button to continue
      • You will then be asked if you would like to backup your Desktop, Documents and Pictures folder
      • You can leave them checked or deselect them if you prefer to not back them up and click "Skip"
      • Note: you can always change these preferences later in the OneDrive App
    • 4Finishing Setup

      Gif showing clicking next through the rest of the setup process

      • Click "Next" to go through the final set of prompts
      • You will be asked to get the mobile app, click the "Skip" button to skip this step
      • Your OneDrive App will now be setup, you can click the "Open my OneDrive Folder" to view your synced files

Backing Up Files/Syncing Your Files to the Cloud (Walkthrough)


    • 1Open Your OneDrive Folder

      Gif showing opening of file explorer and selecting the OneDrive shortcut from the side menu

      • You can find your OneDrive folder by opening file explorer in Windows
      • Select the OneDrive shortcut from the left side bar
    • 2Copy or Move Files Into the OneDrive Folder

      Gif showing dragging of file from desktop and placing in OneDrive folder

      • Copy or move any files or folders into the OneDrive folder to automatcally start backing them up to the cloud
      • Once these files have finished syncing you will be able to access them from any internet browser and they will automatically sync to any other computers that have the OneDrive app and you are signed into
      • Note: files deleted from this folder will also be deleted from the cloud and any other computers you have synced to the OneDrive account

Accessing Your Files From an Internet Browser (Walkthrough)


    • 1Navigate to the OneDrive Website

      Gif showing right-click inside OneDrive folder and highlighting "View Online" option, mouse then clicks the OneDrive icon from the taskbar and chooses "View Online"

      • You can access the OneDrive website a number of ways
        • Opening the OneDrive folder, right-clicking inside it and choosing "View Online"
        • Clicking the OneDrive Icon from the taskbar by the clock and clicking the "View Online" button 
        • Opening a web browser and signing into the Office website and selecting the OneDrive App (not shown)
    • 2Sign Into the Office 365 Website

      Gif showing entering credentials to log into office website

      • Select your Mt. SAC email account from the list, or enter it if given a field
      • Enter your Mt. SAC Single Sign On password
      • Note: if you have two factor authentication enabled on your Office 365 account you will also be prompted to enter a code sent to your mobile device or generated through an authentication app
      • You will be taken to the home page of OneDrive where you can View/Edit/Create/Download documents directly in the cloud
    • 3View/Edit/Create/Download Documents Directly in the Cloud

      Gif showing selecting a file and highlighting the options available in the top toolbar

      • You can navigate through the online folder structure the same way you would in File Explorer in windows
      • By selecting a file you will be given the options toolbar at the top
      • Options include sharing, copying a link to the file, downloading the file, deleting, copying, and moving