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What is Etrieve? Etrieve is Softdocs’ electronic document solution. Etrieve Central and Etrieve Flow work together to provide an electronic form solution with workflow automation. Forms submitted through Etrieve will allow students and employees to complete, submit, review, and process e-forms effortlessly through one platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 9/10/21


    • What is an e-form?

      E-Forms are electronic forms being made available for student and staff use in order to provide an electronic format for submission, e-signature, and processing. Not all Mt. SAC forms are currently available as e-forms.

    • Where do I find Etrieve?

      You can sign into Etrieve via single sign on at Click the Grey square under the Sign In button. You will be redirected to the Mt. SAC single sign on page where you can enter your Mt. SAC portal user ID and password.

      Gif showing the login process

      *Logging into Etrieve by clicking the gray box below the sign in fields. Then after entering your Mt. SAC SSO login credentials you will be taken to the Etrieve dashboard.

    • Can attachments be submitted in Etrieve?
      Yes, depending on the form, use the Attachments button.
    • Can I track the status of e-forms submitted?
      Once a you submit an e-form, you can view the e-form status in the Activity tab. E-forms in the Activity tab cannot be re-sent.
    • How do I find my Etrieve form?

      Once you are logged in you can access your received forms from the Inbox from the left side bar.

      Etrieve forms with highlighted sections of the UI

    • What happens if I am unable to complete the e-form in one sitting?
      The e-form can be saved in the Drafts tab. You can return later to complete and submit the e-form.
    • Do I need to print e-forms?

      No, e-forms are electronic forms, designed to be completed and routed electronically. There is a print and download option if you would like to retain a copy outside of Etrieve. E-Forms are archived in your account for future reference.

    • How is the e-form approved by the receiving department/office?

      Once a student or employee submits an e-form, the applicable department(s) receives, reviews, and approves/declines the form electronically. Students and employees may track the status of any form they have submitted under the Activity tab.

    • Is the e-form the same as the paper form?

      No. While the forms may have the same content, e-forms are designed to be completed on a computer (or other electronic device) and are not generally printed. To aid in form completion, when you select an e-form to complete, the e-form will open and pre-populated with some of your basic personal information (i.e., student or employee ID, first and last name, etc.), all based on your login criteria. Various other form elements—dropdown boxes, radio buttons, and forced-fill areas—are used to simplify and guide you through each form completion process.

    • Can I still use the paper forms?!!!!

      No; once a form has been redesigned to an e-form, the paper-based form is no longer available and you should use the e-form. 

    • Can I modify an e-form after I submit?

      Once an e-form is submitted, you cannot make modifications to the document. To recall a document, please contact the receiving department directly.

    • How does a department/office view the e-forms?

      The receiving department/office receives the form electronically via the Inbox, once the form has been completed, reviewed, and processed.

    • How is the e-form filed/archived?

      Once the e-form has been fully processed, the e-form is routed to the applicable Mt. SAC department/office and archived. A copy of the e-form is also archived in your Activity tab in Etrieve.

    • What types of files can I attach to a document?
      Currently only .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .png, .bmp, .gif, .xps, .csv, and .xlsx file types are supported. If you encounter issues loading an attachment, please contact the applicable Mt. SAC department.


Access Forms


Step 1

Go to the Etrieve login page at 

Step 2

Click on the grey square under the Sign In button. 

Step 3

You will be redirected to the Mt. SAC single sign on page where you can enter your Mt. SAC portal user ID and password.

Step 4

Only forms available to your group, student or employee, will be available to you.

Submit a Form


Step 1

Click the Forms button from the left side bar to bring up a list of available forms.

Screenshot of the Forms button selected

Step 2

Click the form you wish to submit. It will appear on the right side of the screen.

Step 3

For most forms, your name and Student/Employee ID will already be populated.

Step 4

Fill in the information requested on the form.

Step 5

Click Attachments to add a file to the form before it is sent, or click Submit to send the form. Note: You can view the basic form routing at the bottom of each form. As the form moves through the route, users can Return a form to a previous user or Refer a form to a user not on the route.

Etrieve form with the submit and attachments button highlighted

View/Approve Incoming Forms


Step 1

Click the arrow to the right of Inbox to access the list of incoming forms. Note: The number in the red circle indicates the number of forms in your Inbox.

Step 2

Click the form you wish to view (once to select, a 2nd time to view). It will appear on the right side of the screen.

Step 3

Review the form and check for errors. If an error exists, please click on the “history” tab and add any comments advising of necessary changes. Then click the “Return” button to return the form to the originator for corrections.

Step 4

If the form is ready to be processed, perform one of the following actions, as required.

    • Approve: Click Approve to send the form to the next user on the route. Note: You can view the basic form routing at the bottom of each form.
    • Decline: Click Decline to end the form. It will be sent to archive as Declined.
    • Refer: Click Refer to display a box to type in the name of the user for referral. Once the form is “Approved” by the person it is referred to, it will come back to the user making the referral. Clicking Approve once this user has returned to you will send the form to next user based on original route.
    • History: Click History to see the route history.
    • Attachments: Click to view attachments (if any). If attachments exist, a red circle with the number of attachments will be displayed.
    • Download: Downloads a PDF to your PC of the current form with the Package History (attachments not included). Print: Displays the Print dialog box to print the form and Package History.

Please note, in order to approve a form in Etrieve, you must be designated as part of the workflow package by your department/office. If you are an authorized approver, an email notification will be sent to your Mt. SAC email. The body of the email will explain which form needs attention. Etrieve uses “workflow package” to describe a form. If you click the link within the email, it will take you directly to the form that is under review. The system will prompt for login credentials for Single Sign On.

View Status/Location of Submitted Forms


Step 1

Click the arrow to the right of Activity to access the list of incoming forms. Note: Under the form name, you will see either “In Progress” or “Ended”

Step 2

Click the form you wish to view (once to select, a 2nd time to view). It will appear on the right side of the screen.

Step 3

Click the History button (at bottom of screen).

  • Package History - shows who has Received and Approved the request including the date and time. The last entry in the list indicates the current location/status.
  • Audit History- Click View Changes, then choose the information icon to view the changes made to a particular field.