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A Form Email to Send Students Regarding Effective Email Communication

Author: Lori Walker Subject: All Subjects Created: 2017-08-24
From The Author I have had many students send me emails that I could not respond to simply because they did not have enough information to convey what the students wanted. After a couple of years of repeating myself, I created a form letter email that I now automatically send to students when their emails to me are unclear. I have also put this as a page in my syllabus to help students understand from the beginning how they can be more effective in their communications with me. - Lori Walker

Impact on Faculty

Students will understand and be able to apply clear email communication guidelines with faculty.

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Toolkit Overview

In many of our classes, we are teaching not only content area knowledge but also the "soft" skills students need to know to negotiate the unfamiliar expectations of college. This toolkit guides them in the skills they need to communicate effectively with their professors. This is a form letter email that you can simply copy and paste into any communication with students.

Steps To Implement

This toolkit is very simple -- just copy and paste! I put it in a doc format so that you can revise it as you wish.

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