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Convincing Students to Change Their Mindsets about Their Math Abilities

Author: Carolyn Robinson Subject: Specifically math for the first video by Jo Boaler. Any subject if first video is not shown. Created: 2022-01-26
From The Author A plethora of information has been released which supports the fact that our intellect is not fixed and that our brains can grow and change. The information is inspiring, as it encourages students to change their mindsets in order to achieve greatness and persevere through difficult learning situations. Being at the community college, I believe faculty encounter students from semester to semester, who through various life challenges, believe they do not possess the intellect to be successful in college. This toolkit contains information about brain growth and plasticity, and dispels the notion that you are born with the brains you have and that your intelligence is fixed. These resources have served as a mechanism to motivate students in believing they have the skills to be successful in math. - Carolyn Robinson

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Toolkit Overview

This toolkit contains video, internet assessments and pdf resources which can be used individually or collectively as a homework assignment, or as an in-class presentation to introduce students to the growth potential of their brains. An assessment is included to assist students in identifying their own mindsets. The video resources are closed-captioned and presented by prominent professionals in their field.

Steps To Implement

I generally assign this activity as an extension of class by introducing one video during class and assigning one to two mindset assessments, two additional short videos and a brief pdf reading assignment. I encourage students to take notes while watching the videos and reading the assigned article. I ask the students to be prepared to display a screenshot of their mindset results, and create a brief summary of what they learned from the information.