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Preview Bingo Game

Author: Emily Versace Subject: N/A Created: 2017-08-25
From The Author Brain science shows that the sooner we connect our minds to the content of what we are learning, the more effective the learning process will be. Brain science also shows us that the first thing we hear is what we are most likely to remember. Black Out Bingo is a great way to get students excited about what they are going to learn, and to keep them focused. I was introduced to this idea during a training called “Training From the Back of the Room” by Sharon Bowman. - Emily Versace

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Getting students excited about the class content can sometimes be challenging. Black Out Bingo is a way to get them interested in what they are about to learn and to prime their brain to listen for key concepts. This is a simple activity that can be used in nearly any class. It is especially good for addressing vocabulary and key facts.

Steps To Implement

1. Look at the content you most want your students to learn. Identify your key terms and concepts.
2. Next create a power point slide with those terms and concepts listed in a random order. Have at least 12 terms.
3. During class, instruct students to take a piece of paper and fold it so there are six boxes.
4. Next have the students look at the list and choose six terms or concepts about which they are most interested to learn.
5. As you go through the lecture, when they get to a key term that is on their list, they can cross out that square on their bingo board. When all six are crossed off, they will have "won" Black Out Bingo. The goal is for everyone to get Bingo.
6. There are several ways to award prizes:
a. You could give a small prize to each student as they complete their Bingo Card.
b. You could give a small prize to the first five students who complete their Bingo Card.
c. You could give a handout, study guide or other learning tool you plan to hand out any way to each student as they finish their Bingo form.
d. You could give a high-five to each student as they finish.
e. You could have no prize.