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Author: Lori Walker Subject: All Subjects Created: 2017-06-13
From The Author I created this progress tracker after finding that many students are shocked when I give them progress reports. Many of them do not take the time or have the organizational skills to track their grades. I have found this to be extremely helpful in helping students to develop self-responsibility and an internal locus of control. - Lori Walker

Impact on Faculty

Students will understand and apply personal responsibility principles.

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Toolkit Overview

This is a handout that I give as part of my syllabus. It has an area for students to track every assignment completed in the class along with their points received for each assignment. It also includes a reminder about my guidelines regarding homework submission and late work.

Steps To Implement

When I give an assignment, I put up my progress tracker on the overhead and list the assignment, the date it was given and the date it is due, and the total points possible. When the assignment is graded and returned to the students, I again put up the progress tracker with a reminder for them to write down the number of points they earned on the assignment. This also help students who miss classes to be aware of what assignments they have not submitted.