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Resource Reflections: Using a Canvas assignment to encourage use of campus resources

Author: Emily Versace Subject: All Created: 2020-10-30
From The Author Once classes moved to remote environment, I was concerned students would feel less comfortable using campus resources. I created an assignment to encourage them to try out online workshops and services that were still available online. I thought other faculty might also want to try this activity. It could be done for credit, or extra credit. - Emily Versace

Impact on Faculty

Students who use resources greatly benefit, however many feel uncomfortable asking for help or going to tutoring or other resources. This activity normalizes and incentivizes using resources.

Impact on Students

Faculty will be able to encourage student use of resources in a way that takes little class time, but makes a big impact.

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Toolkit Overview

This toolkit provides a Canvas discussion activity that can be used to encourage students to use college resources, especially during remote learning. Download the Resource Reflection document to see the prompt including hyperlinks to numerous online academic support resources.

Steps To Implement

1) Download the Resource Reflection document under Toolkit Materials
2) Copy and paste it into an assignment in Canvas
3) Edit it so it includes the resources you want to list. Check the links to make sure they haven't expired.
4) Publish!
* I also made this available to Mt. SAC Faculty in the Canvas Commons