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Inquiry Based Learning Project

Author: Larry Silva Subject: All Subjects Created: 2022-01-26
From The Author Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) is a research-based strategy that actively involves students in the exploration of the content, issues, and questions surrounding a curricular area or concept. The activities and assignments in an IBL classroom can be designed such that students work individually or together to solve problems involving both in-class work and fieldwork. While the strategy is meant to be highly student-focused, the extent of teacher-directed vs. student-directed learning can vary depending on the level of the students in your course and their understanding of the inquiry process. IBL is closely related to Project Based Learning. Both systems usually incorporate some type of project. The difference is that IBL starts with a student -generated driving question that they use to steer their own learning. - Larry Silva

Impact on Faculty

When students work through an inquiry based learning project, they take ownership for the content of the course. The students see the value and the impact of their knowledge.

Impact on Students

It is rewarding to see students use what they have learned. It is a great assessment tool.

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Toolkit Overview

This toolkit includes detailed student instructions on how to complete an Inquiry Based Learning Project, as well as a worksheet to draft an effective driving question.

Steps To Implement

Effective implementation of this project will occur over several weeks. Ideally this project can be used as a midterm or a final as a way for students to demonstrate an application of knowledge of the content from the course.
Step 1: Formulate a driving question
Step 2: Address the driving question
Step 3: Consider your findings
Step 4: Develop the presentation
Step 5: Present

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