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Study Groups

Author: Anabel Perez | Emily Versace Subject: All Subjects Created: 2022-01-26
From The Author Study groups are a great way for students to get to know each other, build community, and learn course material. As an instructor what I appreciate about study groups are the ‘aha’ moments students experience when they realize how effective study groups can be. In addition, students have shared how study groups turn into support systems and friendships. Helping students get started with forming study groups is important because many students do now know how to begin or might be too shy to ask classmates. Study groups also provide an opportunity for faculty to engage students with course content and increase student success. – Anabel Perez - Anabel Perez

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Toolkit Overview

Tool Overview
This toolkit provides two presentations:
1) Tips for Faculty on how to organize study groups and how to incorporate them into their classes so that every student participates.
2) Introduction to Study Groups for faculty to present to students (feel free to edit and adapt to your needs)

Steps To Implement

1) First review the PowerPoint: Study Groups- Incorporating Study Groups in Your Class
2) Make a plan for which strategies you want to use to help students organize into study groups.
3) Use the PowerPoint: Study Groups -Brief Intro-Students, to introduce these concepts to your class. Feel free to edit to meet your needs.