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Students Teaching Students: Self Correcting Worksheet Activity

Author: Emily Versace Subject: N/A Created: 2017-08-14
From The Author Brain science shows us that the person who does the most talking does the most learning. Using a self-correcting worksheet with a group allows students to teach each other through collaboration. This can be used during class as a whole class activity done in small groups, or it could be done as a part of a series of centers where each area has a different activity. - Emily Versace

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Do you want your students actively involved in learning and explaining content to each other? A self-correcting worksheet can help! With this tool used in small groups, students can help each other find the right answers though discussion. Because it is self-correcting, you won’t need to grade it.

Steps To Implement

1. Look at the content you most want your students to learn. Identify your need- to-know concepts.
2. Next, create a worksheet that explains each of these concepts.
3. Finally, take out key words for the students to fill in the blanks. List the key words for each sentence at the bottom of the sheet. Choose words that will only work with that specific sentence. That way, it will be easy for them to self-correct and ensure they get the correct information. Look in the materials section for an example.
4. Decide how you want to present the exercise. All students could do this activity in small groups at the same time, or they could be done at centers where the students move as a group and do a different learning activity at each center.