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10 Tips for Creating Effective Teams

Author: Lori Walker Subject: All Subjects Created: 2017-02-09
From The Author I created this toolkit for two reasons. First, it was the most requested topic to be addressed in the Developmental Education Faculty Certificate Program. Second, through my own work with students, I have found two consistent experiences: 1) They often have negative memories of teamwork associated with people on the team getting the same grade for unequal work, and 2) They have often experienced a lack of structure in previous teamwork experiences which left them frustrated with how to even begin working with one another. These handouts and activities are my attempt to resolve these issues and create a more successful and enjoyable experience for students. - Lori Walker

Impact on Students

1. Know and Develop Successful Strategies for Facilitating Effective Student Teams
2. Recognize and Identify Effective Strategies for Increasing Student Commitment to Working in Teams
3. Understand and Create Productive Self-Assessment Guidelines for Student Teams

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Toolkit Overview

This toolkit offers 10 tips for improving student teamwork in your classrooms along with instructions and handouts for implementation.

Steps To Implement

There is a set of handouts that correlate with this presentation and give detailed information on how to manage suggested classroom activities as well as detailed information on team development referenced within the presentation.

Before watching the presentation, I encourage you to print the handouts (included within the Faculty Toolkit) so that you can make connections with the information provided within the presentation.