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PLAN - A Reading/Studying and Mapping Technique

Author: Susana Cevallos Subject: All areas which require students to manage and learn informational text, especially large amounts. Created: 2017-08-25
From The Author This tool kit provides students with an effective and simultaneous reading and studying technique to manage informational textbook reading. - Susana Cevallos

Impact on Faculty

Student will learn to manage, read and study large amounts of informational text effectively. Students will engage in active reading because of the high amount of interaction PLAN causes students to experience. Students will understand how active reading and experiencing a high amount of reading interaction results in obtaining good comprehension of reading material which leads to remembering the information as well.

Impact on Students

Faculty will be able to offer a reading/studying technique for students to use to learn their particular subject area textbook or reading materials information. This will impact in-class discussions, activities, and assignment which require students to apply course subject area information.

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Toolkit Overview

This Toolkit provides the steps of PLAN, a reading/studying and mapping technique, that is used before, during, and after reading to ensure effective management, a high amount of reading interaction, and active reading of informational text.

Steps To Implement

1. Show the PLAN toolkits to students or have students read it on their own for homework.
2. Optional Step: Assign students to implement PLAN to learn information from course reading material.

Toolkit Materials