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Jazz Up Your Lectures with Six Learning Principles Based on Brain Science

Author: Emily Versace Subject: All Created: 2020-10-29
From The Author I love using Sharon Bowman’s six learning principles. They are a quick and easy way to remember the elements I want to include in my lessons to maximize their effectiveness. In this toolkit, I am sharing her six principles and many related activities. I hope you will find them as useful as I have. - Emily Versace

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Toolkit Overview

Discover how the brain works and what strategies really make a difference in helping students take-in, store, retrieve, and use information. Explore six brain-based learning principles that will help make your classroom a more engaging, interactive, and dynamic learning environment. Learn by doing in this hands-on learner-centered workshop based on ideas from Sharon Bowman’s book “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick. This toolkit is based on a FLEX day presentation I gave with the same title.

Steps To Implement

1) Read the PowerPoint.
2) Print out the handout to use to write notes.
3) Consider using the additional links to continue to explore these topics.
4) Consider signing up for the two-day POD Workshop: Training from the Back of the Room. Sharon Bowman designed this workshop and participants receive three of her books, including Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick. Check the POD calendar to see when it will be offered.