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Detailed Finals Schedule

For Fall Semester and Spring Semester

The finals schedule is intended to provide professors a two-hour time period for final exams. Final exams are required in all courses for all students. Permission to schedule a final exam at a time other than the time it is regularly scheduled must be secured at least one week in advance of any change. The professor may not change the scheduled time for the final exam without authorization from his or her division dean. The student should consider the final exam schedule before selecting semester courses.

  • The location of final exams are given in the same classroom in which classes meet regularly.
  • Double-period classes meet according to the first day in the week that the class meets and according to the first period in the day the class meets.
  • Saturday and Sunday classes will conduct final exams on the last Saturday or Sunday of the semester at the same time the classes regularly meet.
  • Short-term classes will conduct final exams during the last class meeting.  
  • Winter and Summer Intersession  finals do not follow the Fall and Spring semester finals schedule. Instead,  Winter Intersession and Summer Intersession finals are held at the last class meeting.

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