Path to Recovery Update 8/21

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August 21, 2020 - 05:08 PM

The Mt. SAC Path to Recovery update provides a summary of large scale efforts from the college to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, including its related economic impact.

President’s Message: Welcome to Fall Semester

Watch this brief video message from Dr. Bill Scroggins, Mt. SAC’s president and CEO, welcoming faculty and staff to the Fall Semester.

Dr. Scroggins

In-Person Classes Begin this Fall

A Return to Campus Task Force helped coordinate the safe return of in-person classes. Watch a news video about the in-person classes on YouTube. These classes first met the criteria of training for the state's 16 critical infrastructure areas, then they were prioritized by the Instruction Division, and were approved by the President's Cabinet. Beginning in July, four classes piloted the process to provide in-person classes. For the Fall semester, more than 200 classes will have an in-person component, whether fully in person or in a hybrid format. These classes required a number of safety measures, including:

  • Rooms vetted for optimal air flow and HVAC was inspected and cleaned. 
  • Individualized class safety plans
  • Face covering requirements
  • Building adjustments to ensure physical distancing, such as 6-foot separation between seats, one-way walking systems, and the closure of gathering spaces
  • A health check process for employees and students, including temperature scans
  • A process for students and employees to report COVID-19 sickness or related absence 
  • Increased, specialized deep cleaning by custodial staff
  • Safety equipment, such as masks, hand sanitizers, cleaners, and thermometers 
  • Training for employees, including specialized cleaning for coronavirus and general coronavirus safety 
  • Clear building signage to support safety measures 
  • Classroom safety kits, including masks, hand sanitizers and gloves.

 Learn more about Fall 2020 COVID-19 planning as well as Safety Guidelines on the Public Health website at

 Planning for Winter and Spring Online

Following the guidance of public health officials, Mt. SAC will continue to operate with the vast majority of classes and services held online. With planning for Winter Intersession and Spring Semester already underway, the President’s Cabinet has determined classes and services should continue online as much as possible. The college will continue to offer in-person training and instruction for essential workforce for required activities that cannot be accomplished through virtual learning.

 Los Angeles County has met several important COVID-19 benchmarks, including testing per day, changes in the three-day average of hospitalized patients, ICU bed availability and ventilator availability. However, case rates are still about three times more than officials expect for schools to reopen safely.  

The Mt. SAC Path to Recovery email provides employees a summary of large-scale efforts from the college to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, including its related economic impact. For more information, visit the Public Health website at