Path to Recovery Update 7/30

Path to Recovery graphic

July 30, 2020 - 03:30 PM

The Mt. SAC Path to Recovery update provides a summary of large scale efforts from the college to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, including its related economic impact.

 Working on Campus: A Guide for Essential Workers

Mt. SAC has a new document to guide employees who are working on campus called “Working on Campus: A Guide for Essential Workers.” Employees should familiarize themselves with this document as soon as possible. The guide outlines safety procedures, employee resources, and more. The guide is available at the link above as well as on the college’s public health website at under Safety Guidelines.  


Personal Protective Equipment Available Upon Request

Mt. SAC is providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees to use during Mt. SAC business, such as running a class or working on campus. To request a single face covering to use while working on campus, employees can call Police & Campus Safety at (909) 274-4555 to pick one up. In-person classes will have classroom supply kits. To replenish supplies for in-person classes, employees may use this Online PPE Request Form to contact the Risk Management Office.


Video: Limited In-Person Classes Begin

Watch a news video about the limited in-person classes being held on the physical campus. Mt. SAC opened a highly limited number of in-person classes for four programs that provide training for the state’s critical sectors, which are deemed essential, such as health care and public safety. The four programs train certified nursing assistants, emergency medical technicians, histotechnicians, and respiratory therapists. The college has received clarity and guidance from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on providing essential workforce training while ensuring social distancing protocols are strictly followed.

Note: Some links have broken since this page was published, refer to for the latest information.