Ode to You Award Goes to IT Dept.

Information Technology Dept.
By Voices Committee

January 09, 2024 - 01:31 PM

Photography: Lazaro Acosta

The VOICES Committee is excited to announce we will be distributing a new award called “Ode To You!”.   This award is a department-to-department award that will continue to be passed along quarterly. This new award was inspired by the memory of retired classified employee Odette Richardson, who was one of the founding members of the VOICES Committee.  During her tenure, Odette was very active with CSEA, Chapter 262, the Mt. SAC Staff Association, and many other campus initiatives. Odette’s advice was always to “get involved.”  She felt that by getting involved at work, you enrich not only your own work experience, but you enrich the experiences and provide benefits to the students, colleagues, and the community you serve.

The inaugural recipient of Ode To You is the Information Technology Department, awarded by the Student Life Office. Director Andi Sims had these comments to share about the IT Department:

"These IT professionals go above and beyond to ensure the success of the Student Life/Associated Students programs and applications such as Students of Distinction, LEAD program, RSCO Activation, and Associated Students officer and committee Applications.  Always ready and willing to help with any issues or new ideas, they should be commended for handling a thousand and one tasks at a time with grace and professionalism, never making us feel like an imposition. and always taking the extra time to explain in ways we understand. 

"The information technology department (specifically Wilton and Daryl) has been quick to respond to time-sensitive issues that we have had with the application system.  This helps smooth our processes, and therefore helps our students' needs.

"IT has been instrumental in supporting the work that we do with our Associated Student Leaders and the events that we plan. Wilton is always readily available to answer any questions about our APEX forms and works with lightning speed. Marcel has been critical in helping our staff become acclimated to the usage of our phones and also troubleshooting at a moment’s notice. In general, I find that my help desk emails get answered quickly and I can always find support in IT – I am so grateful and they absolutely deserve the “Ode to You” award.

"The IT department is always so prompt to assist us with our IT related needs whether it be updating our APEX system for our Recognized Student Club/Org (RSCO) Management system, which is crucial in checking eligibility for RSCO activation or other department needs related to the portal, our websites, computer / printer issues, etc. I am truly grateful to work with such an amazing IT Team."