Board Briefs February 23, 2022

Board Chamber

February 24, 2022 - 08:01 AM

Meeting Date: Feb. 23, 2022                
 Location:  Founders Hall                    
Next Meeting: March 9, 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Reports were given by Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Faculty Association, CSEA 262, CSEA 651, Mt. SAC Foundation and Alumni Relations, Management Steering, and Public Affairs.  Detailed reports will be reflected in the official minutes when posted online.


Awarded a Certificate of Service to the following retiring employees: 

  • Kathleen Dorr, Early Child Development Specialist II (Child Development Center), 29 years of service
  • Christopher Duran, Electrician (Maintenance), 8 years of service 
  • Daniel Zamora, Lead Skilled Trade Crafts Worker (Maintenance), 36 years of service

Congratulations to the Mt. SAC Men’s Cross Country Team who took runner-up honors at the 2021 California Community College Athletic Association State Championships.

Congratulations to the Mt. SAC Women’s Soccer Team who finished the 2021 season with an overall record of 16-3-6, captured the South Coast Conference Tournament Championship, and qualified for the state championships for the first time in over 25 years.

Congratulations to the Mt. SAC Women’s Cross Country Team who captured the 2021 California Community College Athletic Association State Championship. 

Congratulations to the 2021 Mt. SAC Men’s Soccer Team who finished the 2021 season with an overall record of 19-2-2 and their sixth California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) State Championship.

Congratulations to the Mt. SAC Wrestling Team for their 2021 undefeated “dream season.”  The team captured five dual matches, four tournament titles as well as taking championship titles at the CCCAA South Regional Championship, State Dual Team and State Tournament.


Introduction of the following newly appointed and promoted employees: 

Permanent New Hires

Classified Employees

  • David Carr, Coordinator, Audio Visual System (Technical Services)
  • Lorraine Galatiano, Computer Facilities Assistant (English as a second language)
  • Emily Garza, Administrative Specialist II (Community and Contract Education)
  • Elizabeth Long, Administrative Specialist III (High School Outreach)
  • Frank-Tien Nguyen, Computer Facilities Assistant (English as a Second Language)

Management Employees

  • Catherine Datko, Director, Distance Learning & Instructional Technology (Library & Learning Resources)
  • Sylvia Ruano, Dean, Instruction (Instruction)


Classified Employee

  • Loralyn Isomura, Instructional Services Analyst (Instruction Office)

 Confidential Employee

  • Melissa Cone, Executive Assistant II (School of Continuing Education)

 Management Employee

  • Madelyn Arballo, Provost, School of Continuing Education
  • Sokha Song, Vice President, Human Resources (Human Resource)



In FY 2021-22, the Grants Office has monitored 37 grant projects for a total project funding level of $18.5 million.  Of these projects, 35% are federally funded, 30% are state funded, 30% are privately funded, and 5% are locally funded.  Federal grants make up 61% of total funding ($11.4 million), followed by state grants at 32% ($5.9 million), private grants at 4% ($685,500), and local grants at 3% ($525,000).

To date in FY 2021-22, the Grants Office has coordinated the submission of nine full grant applications, three preliminary applications, and two full grant applications in partnership with other lead organizations.  The total funding request for these grant applications is $24.2 million. In addition, the department has at least seven applications on the docket for planned submission later this spring for an estimated total request of $8.7 million.


  • Approved the Consent Calendar, and separately approved the following:
  • Change Order - Physical Education Complex - Physical Education Project Phase 2 (Bid No. 3320)
  • Approved the final map for 2021-22 Redistricting



  • Legislative Priorities
  • Campus Vaccination and Testing Program Update


  • Citizens’ Oversight Committee Report to the Board



Dr. Manuel Baca
Jay Chen
Gary Chow
Judy Chen Haggerty, Esq.
Peter Hidalgo
Robert Hidalgo
Laura Santos
Juan Mendoza, Student Trustee
Dr. William T. Scroggins, President & CEO