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Board Meeting Briefs Nov. 13, 2019

Board Chamber

November 22, 2019 - 03:00 PM

Below is a summary of meeting highlights and actions taken by the Mt. SAC Board of Trustees at their meeting on Nov. 13, 2019 at Founders Hall 


A moment of silence was observed for Information Technology employee Darren Stahl who was involved in an accident on his motorcycle and passed away on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019. He loved riding motorcycles and always rode it to work on Fridays when the weather was good. Darren worked at Mt. SAC for more than 30 years. He started as an instructional student lab assistant in February 1989 and was soon hired full-time as a computer operator covering the mid-shift and eventually the graveyard shift. He was promoted to an IT Technician in 2001. Darren became a Network Administrator in 2008 and supported the Technology and Health Division. He was also an adjunct professor in the Technology and Health Division. In 2015, he was promoted to Enterprise Network Administrator and supported campus wide networking infrastructure. Darren was one of the primary IT support technicians for the Mt. SAC Relays, including traveling to the off-campus site to provide technical support for a successful event. Darren was also a Mt. SAC alumnus. He earned a certificate in COBOL programming and, in 1997, he earned an Associate in Science degree. Prior to working at Mt. SAC, he was a member of the United States Marine Corps from 1984 to 1988.


Reports were given by Associated Students, Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Faculty Association, CSEA 262, Foundation and Alumni Association, Management Steering, and Public Affairs. Detailed reports will be reflected in the official minutes when posted online.


Permanent New Hires Classified Employees
• Esther Casias, Custodian (Custodial Services) • William Fermin, Custodian (Custodial Services) • Daniel Hernandez, Printing Services Technician (Printing Services) • Daniel Magdaleno, Custodian (Custodial Services) • Donna Rutherford, Lead Printing Services Technician (Printing Services) • Randy Sanchez, Community Services Officer (Police and Campus Safety)

Academic Employees
• Urias Garcia, Professor, Counseling (EOPS/CARE)
Promotions Classified Employees
• Amanda James, Administrative Specialist IV (Counseling and Guidance)
Management Employees
• Douglas Todd, Director, Athletic Special Events (Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance)


Gary Nellesen, Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Management, reported to the Board that the Measure GO Building program is fully underway just one year after voters approved the $750 million in capital funding for new facilities, infrastructure, and equipment. The facilities team, in collaboration with many campus groups and constituents, is engaged in 15 major projects in the planning, design, and construction phases. Below is information on four projects: The Northeast Classroom Village consists of site development, utility infrastructure, and placement of up to 60 new classrooms to replace existing temporary classrooms for the School of Continuing Education and general campus use, and special programs and services. The site at the Northeast corner of Lot H will feature five levels tied to the campus by a new universally accessible east-west pedestrian pathway. Design criteria includes single story modular construction with similar appearance to the Child Development Center. The Temple Avenue Green Corridor is a multi-benefit project aimed at beautifying the public frontage of the campus, enhancing sense of place, improving multi-modal safety, and providing sustainable performance by the landscape. The current project will be focusing on the south side of Temple Avenue only. This project will provide the design intent for Parking Structure S, the Physical Education/Aquatics Center, and the Stadium projects as well as future projects along the north side of Temple Avenue. The California Black Walnut Mitigation Plan will be completed by planting nearly 100 walnut trees on the north facing slope of Reservoir Hill. The project aligns with the College's commitment to sustainable development by replacing the tree species impacted by the Athletics Complex development. Architectural programming for the Bookstore and Instruction Offices building is nearly complete. A new two story, 45,000-gross-square-feet building is proposed at the current site of modular classrooms 21A-J, just south of the new Student Center.


Dr. Audrey Yamagata-Noji, Vice President of Student Services, and Dr. Francisco Dorame, Dean of Counseling, gave an update on transfer outcomes. Mt. SAC continues to be among the top 10 California community colleges in total transfer numbers to both California State University and the University of California. Mt. SAC ranks third in the state for total transfer numbers to California State Universities, while ranking eighth in transfers to the University of California. Mt. SAC has increased transfers numbers to Cal Poly Pomona in record numbers from 599 in 2013-14 to 817 in 2017-18. Transfers to UC Irvine have also increased substantially from 70 in 2013-14 to 133 in 2016-17. In terms of equity in transfer rates, the trend shows that 50.7% Latinx students transferred to CSU, while only 31.6% Latinx students transferred to UC. From 2013-2014 CSU increased by 6% in Latinx students, while UC decreased 5% over the same time span. Mt. SAC’s transfer numbers by ethnicity demonstrate a need to directly address the disproportionality in the transfer of African American/Black, Pacific Islander, and Native American students (with the latter group being relatively small to begin with).


• Approved the Consent Calendar, as corrected, and approved separately the following items: o New Management Job Classification Description o Renewal of Management Contracts o Contract Agreement with Blue Chip Study USA for Recruitment of International Students • Approved Proposed Revision to Board Policy 2330 - Quorum and Voting • Approved Resolution No. 19-14 - Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Mt. San Antonio Community College District Authorizing the Issuance of 2019 General Obligation Refunding Bonds, and Actions Related Thereto • Approved Proposal to Initiate CSEA, Chapter 262 Negotiations for Year One-of-Three Successor Agreement, July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2023 • Approved Proposal to Initiate CSEA, Chapter 651 Negotiations for Year One-of-Three Successor Agreement, July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2023


Discussed Board of Trustees Appointment of Interim Member for Trustee Area 5
Future Board Meetings: Dec. 11, 2019; Jan. 8, 2020; Feb. 26 (4th Wednesday)

Mt. SAC Board of Trustees -  Dr. Manuel Baca, Rosanne Bader, Jay Chen, Gary Chow Judy Chen Haggerty, Esq., Robert Hidalgo, Laura Santos, and Maricela Vazquez Aviles - Student Trustee

Dr. William T. Scroggins, President & CEO