Board Briefs October 12, 2022

Board Chamber

October 13, 2022 - 08:01 AM

Meeting Date: Oct. 12, 2022

Location: Founders Hall

Next Meeting: Nov. 9, 2022


The Board observed a moment of silence for the passing of Warehouse employee Larry Stout on September 3, 2022. Larry joined the College in 1964. As head of the Warehouse, Larry was responsible for, among other things, arranging for vehicles for campus faculty and staff use when traveling off campus. A big job considering it included arranging transportation for athletic teams. Following retirement, Larry agreed to remain as Chair of the Mt. SAC Relays in 1989, a distinct honor that speaks further to his lifelong commitments to the annual track and field event. A member of the Relays Committee and Chair of the Transportation subcommittee, Larry was instrumental in getting Reynolds Buick to sponsor the event, providing cars for officials and athletes. He retired in 1988.


Reports were given by Associated Students, Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Faculty Association, CSEA 262, CSEA 651, and Foundation and Alumni Relations. Detailed reports will be reflected in the official minutes when posted online.


Introduction of the following newly appointed and promoted employees:
Permanent New Hires
Classified Employees
• Billy Coleman, Public Safety Officer II (Police and Campus Safety)
• Brandi Diaz, Laboratory Technician - Photography (Commercial and Entertainment Arts)
• Keith Fort, Laboratory Technician - Radio (Commercial and Entertainment Arts)
• Ashley Olivas, Administrative Specialist I (Technology and Health)
• Perla Partida, Transfer Specialist (Career Center)
• Steve Rush, Skilled Trade Crafts Worker (Grounds)
• Jennifer Selga, Lead Library Technician (Library and Learning Resources)
• Sapule Ta’amilo, Coordinator, Project/Program (Student Services)
• Andrea Zarate-Gonzalez, Administrative Specialist III (Library and Learning Resources)
Management Employees
• Shannon Carter, Associate Vice President, Administrative Services (Administrative Services)
• Joel Monroy, Director, Outreach and Entry Services (High School Outreach)
• Liann Osborne, Director, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (ACCESS)
Confidential Employee
• Harry Nakaoki, Executive Assistant I (Human Resources)


COVID-19's pandemic hastened the expansion of online learning at all levels of education.
The data show that student success rates for fully online credit courses have varied slightly for all divisions since Fall 2019 when Excused Withdrawal (EW) grades (due to the pandemic) are included in the data, with the Spring 2020 semester being the highest (71%) and Spring 2021 and 2022 being lowest (65%). However, if EW grades are excluded, the first year of the pandemic - Spring/Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 – data show that fully online course success was approximately 20% higher.
Hybrid courses saw much greater variability, ranging from a high of 90% in Spring 2021 to 60% in Fall 2021 for courses when EW data is included, 96% to 62% respectively when excluded.
Overall, most impacted populations experienced a decrease in student success in fully online credit classes during the Spring 2022 semester, with the largest gap occurring in the Latinx population, which saw a 10% decrease in success rates since Spring 2021.
Until Spring 2022, African American students showed an overall increase when compared to Fall 2019 (50%), with the highest rate being 55% in Spring 2020. Barring Spring 2020, when success rates were 86%, Asian American students’ success has been relatively consistent since Fall 2019.
Although there was a slight decrease in retention during Spring 2020 when the College pivoted to remoted instruction, student retention rates for online courses have remained consistent for all DL modalities, even given the increase in the number of courses and sections offered. The overall retention rates in Fall 2019 were 85% for online and 88% for face-to-face courses. During the 2020-2021 year, most of the courses were taught online. The retention rates for online courses for the terms that follow were: Spring 2020, 78%; Fall 2020, 78%; Spring 2021, 76%; Fall 2021, 84%; and Spring 2022, 82%.


A review of the Fall 2019 and Fall 2022 data shows the following:
• Face-to-face enrollment accounted for 87% of total enrollments during the Fall 2019 term whereas face-to-face enrollments account for 56% of total enrollments for Fall 2022 term.
• Online enrollments accounted for 10% of total enrollments during the Fall 2019 term whereas online enrollments account for 38% of total enrollments for Fall 2022 term.
• Hybrid enrollments accounted for 3% of total enrollments during the Fall 2019 term whereas hybrid enrollments account for 6% of total enrollments for Fall 2022.
• Overall, Fall 2022 enrollments are down approximately 13% compared to Fall 2019; however, Fall 2022 enrollments are up by 3% compared to Fall 2021.
• Full-time enrollment is 12 or more units. Part-time enrollment is fewer than 12 units.
• There is a 13% decline in headcount for Fall 2022 (26,303) when compared to Fall 2019 (30,235).
• There is a 1% increase in headcount for Fall 2022 (26,303) when compared to Fall 2021 (25,986).
The School of Continuing Education (SCE) noncredit enrollment for 2021-22 has strongly rebounded. In 2020-21, the actual noncredit FTES generated were 6,910, which was a decline of 1,200+ from pre-pandemic levels. In 2021-22, SCE enrollment grew to an unduplicated headcount of 41,066 and 7,952 annual FTES, which reflects an increase of 1,042 FTES. The current year’s enrollment trends strongly indicate that noncredit FTES will exceed pre-pandemic levels. Noteworthy growth in headcount for 2021-22 over the previous year included:
• High School (HS) Referral, Off-campus HS, and Adult HS Diploma/Equivalency Programs increased by 1,521 students.
• Adults with Disabilities students increased by 286.
• Education for Older Adults and Vocational Re-entry headcount grew by 1,529.
• English as Second Language (ESL) and Vocational ESL showed strong recovery with a student increase of 1,608.


• Approved the Consent Calendar, with corrections, and pulled and approved separately:
o Claim Against the District
o Award of Contract with T2 Systems, Pacific Parking Systems, Inc. and CenterPoint Communications for Parking Management System and associated Equipment and Installation Services (RFI No. 3439)
o Appointment of Member to Citizens Oversight Committee
• Approved Resolution No. 22-10 – Signature Changes to Existing Bank Accounts
• Approved Resolution No. 22-11 - Declaring Intention to Grant Easement to the City of Walnut and Approving Amendment to the Grant of Temple Avenue Right of Way Easement
• Approved the Temple Avenue Sidewalk Improvements Maintenance Agreement
• Approved Memorandum of Understanding Between CSEA, Chapter 651 and the Mt. San Antonio Community College District for the Period July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022, for Article 7-Salaries
• Approved Year Three-of-Three Negotiated Agreements Between the Faculty Association and the Mt. San Antonio Community College District for the Period of July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2022
• Approved Amendment to the Agreement with HPI Architecture for the Campus Store and Instruction Offices Building and Pedestrian Bridge
• Approved Amendment to the Agreement with Silver Creek for the Instructional Support Modular 16F Project
• Held a Public Hearing Regarding to Initiate the Faculty Association for Year One-of-Three Successor Agreement, July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2025


• President/CEO Recruitment Update
• Board Study Session Topics
• Campus COVID-19 Update


• Revision to Administrative Procedure 3434 - Responding to Harassment Based on Sex Under Title IX
• Proposed Revision to Board Policy 3565 - Smoking on Campus


Dr. Manuel Baca

Jay Chen

Gary Chow

Judy Chen Haggerty, Esq.
Peter Hidalgo

Robert Hidalgo

Laura Santos
Juan Mendoza, Student Trustee
Dr. William T. Scroggins, President & CEO