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Aviation, Electronics and Manufacturing Programs at Mt. SAC

Aviation, Electronics and Manufacturing Programs at Mt. SAC

Aviation, Electronics and Manufacturing Programs at Mt. SAC
Plant and Animal Programs at Mt. SAC

Plant and Animal Programs

Plant and Animal Programs at Mt. SAC
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Programs at Mt. SAC

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Programs

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Programs at Mt. SAC
Art and Design Programs  at Mt. SAC

Art and Design Programs

Art and Design Programs at Mt. SAC
Humanities and Social Sciences Programs at Mt. SAC

Humanities and Social Sciences Programs

Humanities and Social Sciences Programs at Mt. SAC
Health and Wellness Programs at Mt. SAC

Health and Wellness Programs

Health and Wellness Programs at Mt. SAC
Public Service and Social Science Programs at Mt. SAC

Public Service and Social Science Programs

Public Service and Social Science Programs at Mt. SAC
Teaching and Education Programs at Mt. SAC

Teaching and Education Programs

Teaching and Education Programs at Mt. SAC

Guided Pathways of Study

When students can identify a career goal early on in their educational journey, they are more likely to complete on time and succeed. Consistent guidance and a clear outline of the required courses help support students decisions in choosing the right program for them. Explore below to find the programs that most interest you.

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Program Code Program Name View Course Sequence
S0502Accounting, Associate of Science S0502
N0459Accounting, Certificate N0459
E0504Accounting- Bookkeeping Certificate E0504
N0460Accounting- Computerized, Certificate N0460
N0461Accounting- Financial Planning, Certificate N0461
E0505Accounting- Payroll, Certificate E0505
E0433Accounting- Tax Preparation, Certificate E0433
N0462Accounting-Managerial, Certificate N0462
S0657Addictions Counseling, AS S0657
T0658Addictions Counseling, Certificate T0658
S0404Administration of Justice, AS S0404
S0362Administration of Justice, AS-T (CSU) S0362
T0406Administration of Justice, Certificate T0406
S0514Administrative Assistant, AS S0514
E0516Administrative Assistant, Certificate, Level I E0516
N0463Administrative Assistant, Certificate, Level II N0463
N0464Administrative Assistant, Certificate, Level III N0464
S0101Agri-Technology, AS S0101
S0909Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, AS S0909
T0909Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Certificate T0909
T0982Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance Technology, Day, Certificate T0982
T0952Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance Technology, Evening, Certificate T0952
T0991Airframe Maintenance Technology Certificate, Day T0991
T0981Airframe Maintenance Technology Certificate, Evening T0981
S0911Airframe and Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance Technology, Day, AS S0911
S0951Airframe and Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance Technology, Evening, AS S0951
M0817Android Programming, Certificate M0817
E0360Animal Science Fundamentals, Certificate E0360
S1006Animation, AS-Animation Track S1006
S1006Animation, AS-Gaming Track S1006
E0414Animation, Jr. Animator, Level I Certificate E0414
N0465Animation, Jr. Animator, Level II Certificate N0465
A0668Anthropology, AA-T (CSU) A0668
S0307Applied Laboratory Science Technology, (ALST), AS S0307
S0390Architectural Design Concentration, AS S0390
N0466Architectural Design Concentration, Certificate Level I N0466
N0467Architectural Design Concentration, Certificate Level II N0467
T0386Architectural Design Concentration, Certificate Level III T0386
S0392Architectural Technology Concentration, AS S0392
N0468Architectural Technology, Certificate, Level I N0468
T0389Architectural Technology, Certificate, Level II T0389
E0387Architecture Foundational Skills, Certificate E0387
A0330Art History, AA-T (CSU) A0330
M0671Artificial Intelligence in Business (M0671) Certificate
E0802Athletic Trainer Aide, Certificate E0802
S0434Audio Arts, AS S0434
S0910Aviation Science, AS S0910
S0456Baking & Pastry, AS S0456
N0455Baking & Pastry, Certificate Level I N0455
M0452Big Data Analytics, Certificate M0452
S0652Biology, AS (S0652)
S0308Building Automation, AS S0308
T0309Building Automation, Certificate T0309
S0418Business Administration, AS-T (CSU) S0418
A8981Business Emphasis, AA Liberal Arts A8981
N0469Business: Human Resource Management, Certificate Level II N0469
N0470Business: Human Resource Management, Certificates Level III N0470
E0531Business: Human Resource Management, Level I Certificate E0531
E0527Business: International, Certificate Level I E0527
N0471Business: International, Certificate Level II, N0471
N0472Business: International, Certificate Level III N0472
E0525Business: Management Certificate Level I E0525
S0506Business: Management, AS S0506
N0473Business: Management, Certificate Level II N0473
N0646Business: Management, Certificate Level III N0646
T0521Business: Retail Management Certificate Level III T0521
S0509Business: Retail Management, AS S0509
E0500Business: Retail Management, Certificate Level I E0500
N0474Business: Retail Management, Certificate Level II N0474
N0475Business: Small Business Management Certificate Level II N0475
N0647Business: Small Business Management Certificate Levels III N0647
E0529Business: Small Business Management, Certificate Level I E0529
E0426CAD Technician, Certificate E0426
E0714CIS Professional Certificate (C++ Programming) E0714
M0690CIS Professional Certificate (Excel and Access) M0690
M0689CIS Professional Certificate (Java Programming) M0689
M0816CIS Professional Certificate (LINUX) M0816
M0688CIS Professional Certificate (Network Security) M0688
M0809CIS Professional Certificate (Networking) M0809
M0813CIS Professional Certificate (Object-Oriented Design & Programming) M0813
M0811CIS Professional Certificate (SQL) M0811
M0810CIS Professional Certificate (Telecommunications) M0810
M0812CIS Professional Certificate (Web Programming) M0812
E0720CIS Professional Certificate (Windows Operating System Administration) E0720
M0675CIS Professional in Python Programming Certificate M0675
E0431CNC Technician, Certificate E0431
T0654Child Development Administration, Certificate T0654
S1315Child Development, AS S1315
N0656Child Development, Certificate, L II N0656
N0655Child Development, Level III N0655
M0663Child Development-Level 1 Certificate M0663
T0458Child Development: Early Intervention & Inclusion T0458
T0405Children's Program: Teaching, Certificate T0405
M0672ClS Cloud Computing for Amazon Web Services, (M0672) Certificate
E0804Coaching, Certificate E0804
S0912Commercial Flight, AS S0912
A8982Communication Emphasis, AA A8982
A0325Communication Studies, AA-T (CSU) A0325
N0687Computed Tomography Certificate, Radiologic Technology N0687
N0478Computer & Networking Technology (CNET), Certificate Level I, N0478
S0701Computer Network Administration & Security Management AS S0701
M0678Computer Networking Technology Fundamentals, Certificate (M0678)
M0678Computer Networking Technology Fundamentals, Certificate Level 1 (M0678)
M0682Computer Networking Technology Fundamentals, Certificate M0682
S7302Computer Programming (C++ Concentration), AS S7302
S7302Computer Programming (Java Concentration), AS S7302
S7302Computer Programming (Mobile), AS S7302
S7302Computer Programming (Web), AS S7302
S0725Computer and Networking Technology (CNET), AS S0725
T0726Computer and Networking Technology (CNET), Certificate Level II T0726
S0706Computer- Database Management Systems AS S0706
M0479Consumer Relations, Certificate M0479
T0457Culinary Advance, Certificate T0457
S0448Culinary Arts Management, AS S0448
E0373Culinary Arts, Certificate E0373
N0649Dance Teacher, Certificate N0649
E0313Dance Teacher, Skills Certificate E0313
A0444Dance, AA A0444
T0438Digital Systems Technology, Certificate T0438
O0366Domestic Violence Certification, Certificate O0366
S0449Drone Camera Operator, AS S0449
S0401Early Childhood Education, AS-T (CSU) S0401
S0375Educational Paraprofessional/Instructional Assistant, AS S0375
E0929Electronic Assembly and Fabrication, Certificate E0929
T0904Electronics Communications, Certificate T0904
S0681Electronics Engineering Technology, AS (S0681)
M0679Electronics Technology, Certificate Level 1 (M0679)
N0680Electronics Technology, Certificate Level 2 (N0680)
N0480Electronics Technology, Certificate N0480
S0906Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, AS S0906
T0906Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, Certificate T0906
T0908Electronics: Industrial Systems, Certificate T0908
S1210Emergency Medical Services, (EMT - Paramedic Program), AS S1210
S0430Engineering and Construction Technology, AS S0430
E0423Engineering and Construction Technology, Certificate Level I E0423
N0481Engineering and Construction Technology, Certificate Level II N0481
A0332English AA-T (CSU) A0332
A0411Environmental Studies Emphasis, AA A0411
N0659Exhibition Concept, Design and Production, Certificate N0659
E0408FAA Aircraft Dispatcher, Certificate E0408 (includes prerequisites)
E0383Fashion Computer Aided Design Certificate E0383
S1320Fashion Design & Technologies, AS S1320
N0482Fashion Design, Certificate Level I N0482
N0483Fashion Design, Certificate Level II N0483
M0674Fashion Historical Costuming (M0674) Certificate
S1308Fashion Merchandising, AS S1308
N0484Fashion Merchandising, Certificate Level I N0484
N0485Fashion Merchandising, Certificate Level II N0485
M0676Fashion Retailing Fundamentals Certificate (Online) M0676
S0442Film, Television, and Electronic Media, AS-T (CSU) S0442
A8983Fine Arts AA Liberal Arts & Sciences-Sculp.Special Effects Makeup emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts AA Liberal Arts and Sciences-Drawing emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts AA Liberal Arts and Sciences-Figure Drawing emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts AA Liberal Arts and Sciences-Portrait Studies emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts, AA Liberal Arts & Sciences- Ceramics emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts, Liberal Arts & Sciences-Applied Printmaking emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts, Liberal Arts & Sciences-Gallery emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts, Liberal Arts & Sciences-Graphic Design emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts, Liberal Arts & Sciences-Illustration emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts, Liberal Arts & Sciences-Painting emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts, Liberal Arts & Sciences-Photography emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts, Liberal Arts & Sciences-Printmaking emphasis A8983
A8983Fine Arts, Liberal Arts & Sciences-Sculpture emphasis A8983
E0381Fire Officer Certification, Certificate E0381
S2105Fire Technology, AS S2105
N0486Fire Technology, Certificate N0486
E0808Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer, Certificate E0808
S0501General Business, AS S0501
T0677GeoTech, Certificate, T0677
A0356Geography, AA-T (CSU) A0356
S0670Geology A-ST (CSU) S0670
N0487Graphic Design, Certificate Level I N0487
T0369Graphic Design, Certificate Level II T0369
T0683Graphic Design, Generalist Level II T0683
T0684Graphic Design, Marketing Level II T0684
T0685Graphic Design, Motion Graphics Level II T0685
T0686Graphic Design, Web Design Level II T0686
S1211Histologic Technician, AS S1211
A0334History, AA-T (CSU) A0334
S0102Horse Ranch Management, AS S0102
E0361Horse Ranch Management, Certificate Level I E0361
N0488Horse Ranch Management, Certificate Level II N0488
N0489Horticulture Science Certificate N0489
S1307Hospitality & Restaurant Management, AS S1307
S0451Hospitality Management, AS-T (CSU) S0451
E0379Hospitality: Event Planning & Catering, Certificate E0379
E1390Hospitality: Food Services, Certificate E1390
E1332Hospitality: Hospitality Management, Certificate Level I E1332
N0490Hospitality: Hospitality Management, Certificate Level II N0490
E1333Hospitality: Restaurant Management, Certificate Level I E1333
E0343Hospitality: Restaurant Management, Certificate Level II E0343
N0450Human Prosection-Certificate N0450
S0530Human Resource Management, AS S0530
A8984Humanities Emphasis, AA A8984
S0331Industrial Design Engineering, AS S0331
N0651Industrial Design Engineering, Certificate Level I N0651
N0620Industrial Design Engineering, Certificate Level II N0620
T0328Industrial Design Engineering, Certificate Level III T0328
T1318Infant/Toddler Development, Certificate T1318
A8985Information Technology Emphasis, AA Liberal Arts and Sciences A8985
M0814Information and Operating Systems Security, Certificate M0814
S0311Integrated Pest Management, AS S0311
T0306Interior Design Kitchen and Bath Specialization, Certificate T0306
S1301Interior Design, AS S1301
E0364Interior Design, Certificate Level I E0364
T0304Interior Design, Certificate Level II T0304
T0305Interior Design, Certificate Level III T0305
S1302Interior Design- Kitchen and Bath, AS S1302
N0621Interior Landscaping Certificate N0621
S0507International Business, AS S0507
M0818Introduction to Computer Information Technology, M0818
A0400Journalism, AA-T (CSU) A0400
N0622Junior Game Designer - Foundation, Certificate N0622
E0439Junior Game Designer - Introduction, Certificate E0439
A8986Kinesiology and Wellness Emphasis, AA Liberal Arts and Sciences A8986
A0454Kinesiology, AA-T (CSU) A0454
E1202LVN 30-Unit Option- Career Mobility Track (Nursing), Certificate E1202
N0623Landscape & Park Maintenance Certificate N0623
N0624Landscape Construction Certificate N0624
N0625Landscape Design, Certificate Level I N0625
T0396Landscape Design, Certificate Level II T0396
N0627Landscape Irrigation, Certificate N0627
A8987Language Arts Emphasis AA Liberal Arts and Sciences A8987
S1201Licensed Vocational Nurse to RN, AS S1201
S0103Livestock Management, AS S0103
E0363Livestock Production Management, Certificate E0363
E0398Mammography Certificate, Radiologic Technology E0398
E0421Manufacturing Foundation, Certificate E0421
S0918Manufacturing Technology, AS S0918
T0918Manufacturing Technology, Certificate T0918
S0510Marketing Management, AS S0510
N0626Marketing Management, Certificate N0626
E0927MasterCAM, Certificate E0927
A8989Mathematics Emphasis, AA Liberal Arts and Sciences A8989
S0333Mathematics, AS-T (CSU) S0333
T1279Mental Health Technology- Psychiatric Technician, Certificate T1279
S1208Mental Health Technology-Psychiatric Technician, AS Degree S1208
N0660Microcomputer Productivity Software, Certificate N0660
M0673Music Studies Level 1 Certificate M0673
A0347Music-General subplan, AA-T (CSU) A0347
A0347Music-Pre-Cred., Perform., Comp. subplans, Transer, CPP Temp. A0347
A8988Natural Sciences Emphasis, AA A8988
N0628Nursery Management, Certificate N0628
S1203Nursing, AS S1203
S1203Nursing, AS with prerequisites S1203
S0422Nutrition & Dietetics, AS-T (CSU) S0422
N0453Nutrition, Certificate N0453
S0119Ornamental Horticulture, AS S0119
S0310Paralegal/Legal Assistant, AS S0310
T0425Paramedic, Certificate T0425
N0629Park Management, Certificate N0629
S0116Park and Sports Turf Management, AS S0116
N0630Pet Science, Certificate N0630
A0424Philosophy, AA-T (CSU) A0424
N0631Photography Certificate, Level I N0631
T0349Photography Certificate, Level II, T0349
N0632Photography Digital Technician, Certificate N0632
N0633Photography Video Production, Certificate N0633
S1002Photography, AS S1002
N0665Pilates Professional Teacher Training: Cadillac, Chair, Auxiliary, Cert N0665
N0667Pilates Professional Teacher Training: Mat and Reformer, Certificate N0667
S0420Plant Science, AS-T (CSU) S0420
A0345Political Science, AA-T (CSU) A0345
N0653Printmaking, Certificate N0653
N0634Programming in C++ Certificate, N0634
S1209Psychiatric Technician to RN, AS S1209
A0324Psychology, AA-T (CSU) A0324
S0428Public Health, AS, S0428
M0635Public Works/ Landscape Management, Certificate M0635
S0606Radio Broadcasting: Behind the Scenes, AS S0606
N0636Radio Broadcasting: Behind-the-Scenes, Certificate N0636
S0605Radio Broadcasting: On the Air, AS S0605
N0637Radio Broadcasting: On-Air, Certificate N0637
S1206Radiologic Technology, AS (prerequisites) S1206
S1206Radiologic Technology, AS S1206
N0638Real Estate Broker, Certificate N0638
E0342Real Estate Sales, Certificate E0342
S0512Real Estate, AS S0512
S0105Registered Veterinary Technology (RVT), AS S0105
S1205Respiratory Therapy, AS S1205
T1314School Age Child- Specialization, Certificate T1314
S0801Sign Language/Interpreting, AS S0801 (advance courses-SIGN 105)
S0801Sign Language/Interpreting, AS S0801 (entry SIGN 101-104)
T0801Sign Language/Interpreting, Certificate T0801 (advance courses-SIGN 105)
T0801Sign Language/Interpreting, Certificate T0801 (entry level SIGN 101-104)
S0508Small Business Management, AS S0508
A8991Social & Behavioral Sciences emphasis, AA A8991
A0669Social Justice, AA-T (CSU) A0669
A0419Sociology, AA-T (CSU) A0419
N0639Sports Turf Management, Certificate N0639
A0395Studio Arts, AA-T (CSU) A0395
M0645Supply Chain Management, Certificate M0645
E0432Surveying Technology, Certificate E0432
T0446Technical Theater Certificate T0446
N0640Television Crew, Certificate N0640
S0602Television Production, AS S0602
A0346Theater Arts, AA-T (CSU) A0346
N0641Tree Care & Maintenance Certificate N0641
G8150Tutor Training (G8150) Noncredit Certificate
S0661Unmanned Aircraft Systems, AS, S0661
M0662Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Certificate M0662
N0650Video Engineering, Certificate N0650
N0644Virtual Reality Designer, Certificate N0644
N0648Welder- Automotive Welding, Cutting & Modification, Certificate N0648
N0643Welder- Licensed, Certificate N0643
T0932Welder-Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Certificate T0932
S0919Welding, AS S0919
E0919Welding, Certificate E0919
T0933Welding-Semi-Automatic Arc Welding, Certificate T0933
A0429World Languages & Global Studies, AA A0429
E0441eDiscovery and Litigation Support, Certificate E0441
M0664iOS Programming, Certificate M0664
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Program Code Program Name View Course Sequence
X0996Electromechanical Systems Engineering Technology, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0996
X0996Electrical Engineering, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0996
X0996Electronic Systems Engineering Technology, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0996
A0332English-Applied Languages Studies Option, CSU Pomona, Transfer A0332
A0334History-Pre-Credential subplan, Transfer, CSU Pomona, XA0334
A0454Kinesiology-Pedagogical, Transfer, CSU Pomona, XA0454
A0454Kinesiology-General, Transfer, CSU Pomona, XA0454
S0333Mathematics-Applied Mathematics/Statics, Transfer, CSU Pomona,X S0333
A0347Music-Industry Studies, CSU Pomona-Transfer A0347
A0424Philosophy, Law & Society, Transfer, CSU Pomona, XA0424
A0419Sociology-Social Work subplan, Transfer, CSU Pomona, XA0419
X0199Agribusiness & Food Industry Mngt, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0199
X0199Agricultural Science, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0199
X0198Animal Health Science, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0198
X0198Animal Science-Pre-Vet, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0198
X0299Architecture, CSU Pomona, Transfer, X0299
X0299Landscape Architecture, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0299
X0498Environmental Biology, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0498
X0498BioTechnology, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0498
X0498Biology, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0498
X0998Chemical Engineering, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0998
X1998Chemistry-Biochemistry subplan, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X1998
X1998Chemistry-General, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X1998
X1998Chemistry-American Chemical Society subplan, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X1998
X0997Civil Engineering-General, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0997
X0997Civil Engineering-Environmental Engineering subplan, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0997
X0997Civil Engineering-Geospatial Engineering subplan, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0997
X2199Criminology, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X2199
X2298Economics-Quantitative Economcis subgroup, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X2298
X2298Economics-General & Applied subgroups, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X2298
X0995Construction Engineering & Mngt, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0995
X0995Mechanical Engineering, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0995
X0995Computer Engineering, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0995
X0995Aerospace Engineering, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0995
X0995Computer Science, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0995
X0995Manufacturing Engineering, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0995
X0298Visual Communication Design, B.F.A., Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0298
X2297Gender, Ethnicity & Multicultural Studies (GEMS), Transfer, CSU Pomona, X2297
X2297Gender, Ethnicity & Multicultural Studies-Pre-Cred., Transfer, CSU Pomona, X2297
X9308Apparel Merchandise & Management-Apparel Production, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X9308
X9308Apparel Merch. & Manag.-Fashion Retailing, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X9308
X9308Apparel Merchandising & Management-Textiles, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X9308
X8770Nutrition-Nutrition Science w/emphasis, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X8770
X8770Nutrition-Nutrition & Health, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X8770
X8770Nutrition-Dietetics, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X8770
X8770Food Science & Technology, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X8770
X1995Geology, Transfer, CSU Pomona X1995
X8882Industrial Engineering, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X8882
X1588Liberal Studies-General Studies w/emphasis, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X1588
X1588Liberal Studies Ingt Teacher Ed Pro. Mild/Moderate, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X1588
X1588Liberal Studies-Pre-Credential w/emphasis, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X1588
X1588Liberal Studies Ingt Teacher Ed Pro. Moderate/Seve., Transfer, CSU Pomona, X1588
X1992Physics-Biophysics, Transfer, CSU Pomona X1992
X1992Physics-General, Transfer, CSU Pomona X1992
X1992Physics-Integrated Science, Transfer, CSU Pomona X1992
X1193Spanish, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X1193
X0297Urban & Regional Plan.-Infra/Tran & Res. subgroups, Transfer, CSU Pomona, X0297
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