2019 Torch Bearer awarded to AQ and SSSPAC Leadership Team

2019 | Torch Bearer Award

AQ and SSSPAC Leadership Team

2019 Burning Bright Awarded to Zak Gallegos

2019 | Burning Bright Award

Zak Gallegos

2019 Burning Bright Awarded to Ned Weidner

2019 | Burning Bright Award

Ned Weidner

2018 Torch Bearer Awarded to Melissa Berkley

2018 | Torch Bearer Award

Melissa Berkley

2017 Burning Bright Awarded to Lee Jones

2017 | Burning Bright Award

Lee Jones

2017 Eternal Flame Awarded to Doug Todd

2017 | Eternal Flame Award

Doug Todd

2017 Torch Bearer Awarded to Don Potter

2017 | Torch Bearer Award

Don Potter

All Winners for 2017

2017 | All Winners

2016 Torch Bearer Awarded to Bruce Nixon

2016 | Torch Bearer Award

Bruce Nixon

2016 Eternal Flame Awarded Liesel Reinhart

2016 | Eternal Flame Award

Liesel Reinhart

President's College Champion Awards

Congratulations to our 2021 College Champion Honorees

Burning Bright Award - Pedro Suarez, Business Analyst, Information Technology
Torch Bearer Award - Regina Martinez, Professor of Business Management; Accounting & Management Co-Chair
Eternal Flame Award - The Health Services Team

About the Awards

The College Champion Award recognizes any employee, department, or committee for dedication to one or more of the college’s core values (Integrity, Diversity, Community Building, Student Focus, Lifelong Learning, and Positive Spirit). Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Performing at a level above and beyond normal job requirements
  • Demonstrating an exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues
  • Contributing to a program or event that showcases Mt. SAC in the Region, State, or Country
  • Developing a new program or event that positively impacts students or the college community

Award Categories

Burning Bright -Recognizing impact on the campus community.
Torch Bearer -Recognizing impact beyond the campus community.
Eternal Flame -Recognizing lifetime achievement.

Any Mt. San Antonio College full-time or part-time employee may nominate any other Mt. SAC full-time or part-time employee for a College Champion Award. Part-time employees include permanent staff and adjunct faculty. Employees who have received awards from other campus groups may be nominated again for the College Champion Award.

Nominations are open in June and winners are announced in August.

The award winners will receive a $500 dollar award included in their paychecks, an invitation to breakfast with the president on the morning of the Fall Opening Meeting, a unique commemorative trophy, and recognition by the Board of Trustees.Awardees’ names will be featured on the VOICES website and the campus marquee on Grand and Temple.


    • Burning Bright Award  

      Burning Bright AwardRecognizing impact on the campus community.

      • 2021: Pedro Suarez, Business Analyst, Information Technology
      • 2020: Faculty Center for Learning Technology (Eva Figueroa, Hugo Aguilera, Michelle Newhart, Carol Impara, and Catherine McKee) & Hugo Aguilera, Library & Learning Computer Resources
      • 2019: Zak Gallegos, Coordinator, Construction Projects, Facilities Planning and Management                 Ned Weidner, Professor, English
      • 2018: Chisa Uyeki, Librarian
      • 2017: Lee Jones, Lead IT Support Technician
      • 2016: John Lewallen, Graphic Design Coordinator, Marketing and Communication
      • 2015: Margaret Teske, Meghan Chen and Don Sciore
      • 2014: Chaz Perea, Professor, Horticulture
      • 2013: Elmer Rodriguez, Counselor, Counseling and Guidance
      • 2012: Jim Gau, Professor, Computer Information Systems
    • Torch Bearer Award  

      Torch Bearer AwardRecognizing impact beyond the campus community.

      • 2021: Regina Martinez, Professor of Business Management; Accounting & Management Co-Chair
      • 2020: Daniel Cantrell, Professor of Communication; Director of Debate, Mt. SAC Forensics Team; Chair of the Communication Department
      • 2019: Assessment Questionnaire Leadership Team and the SSSPAC (Chuong Tran, Maria Tsai, David Beydler, Evelyn Hill-Enriquez, Ned Weidner, Michelle Dougherty, Dianne Rowley, Nicomedes Martinez, Beverly Heasley, Francisco Dorame, Patricia Maestro, Naomi Avila, Elizabeth Casian, Theodros Kidane, Michael Harper, Hansel Alvarez, Michelle Sampat, Deborah Rivers, and Margie Whalen)
      • 2018: Melissa Berkley, Television Production Specialist
      • 2017: Don Potter and Interpreters, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
      • 2016: Bruce Nixon, Professor/Director, Psychiatric Technician Program
      • 2015: K.C. Kranz, Coordinator, Health and Fitness
      • 2014: Paul Mercier, Professor, Information Technology
      • 2013: James Stone, Professor, Political Science
      • 2012: Laura Martinez,Secretary, Professional & Organizational Development
    • Eternal Flame Award

      Eternal Flame AwardRecognizing lifetime achievement.

      • 2021: The Health Services Team
      • 2020: Craig Petersen, Professor of Environmental and Biological Sciences
        Founder and Director of the Mt. SAC Wildlife Sanctuary
      • 2019: Sue Long, Dean of Arts Emeritus
      • 2018: Debbie Cavion, Associate Dean/Associate Athletics Director, Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance
      • 2017: Doug Todd, Professor, Kinesiology & Athletics​ and Cross Country and Track & Field Head Coach​
      • 2016: Liesel Reinhart, Professor, Communication
      • 2015: Cindy Shannon, Professor, Biology
      • 2014: Nicole Blean, Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences
      • 2013: Ron Kamaka, Project Manager, Kinesiology
      • 2012: Carol Webster,Teaching & Learning Technology Specialist