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Master Plan Steering Task Force (MPSTF) Consultants

Consultants Name Role/Title Area of Expertise
Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT) Eva Conrad  Project Director Educational Planning
Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT) Carolyn Russell Team Member  Educational Planning
Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT) John Spevak Team Member  Educational Planning
HMC Architects Ken Salyer Principal-in-Charge/Higher Ed Practice Leader Facilities Planning
HMC Architects Sandy Kate Principal Planner/Associate Principal Facilities Planning
HMC Architects Sheryl Sterry Project Manager/Sr. Education Facilities Planner Facilities Planning
HMC Architects Brett Leavitt Project Designer/Design Principal Facilities Planning
HMC Architects Eera Babtiwale Environmental Analyst/Vice President of Sustainability Sustainable Facilities Planning
HMC Architects Emilie Waugh Education Facilities Planning Coordinator Facilities Planning
Placeworks Karen Gulley Principal Community Outreach
Placeworks Suzanne Schwab Associate Community Outreach
SWA Gerdo Aquino Landscape Planning Lead/Firmwide CEO Landscape Planning
SWA Jana Wehby Landscape Planner/Associate Landscape Planning
Five-G Consulting Ted Gribble Agricultural Engineering Lead/Principal Farm Planning
Psomas Alysen Weiland Civil Engineering Lead/Associate Civil Engineering
P2S Engineering Aravind Batra MEP Engineering Lead/Vice President Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing (MEP)Engineering