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Basic Skills Coordinating Committee


Name Title Term Appointed By
Michelle Dougherty Basic Skills  Faculty Coord. (Co-chair) 2015-17 Academic Senate
Madelyn Arballo Director, Adult Education (Co-chair) 2013-16 VP Instruction
Barbara McNeice-Stallard    Research and Institutional Effectiveness   Ongoing    
Annel Medina Research and Institutional Effectiveness Ongoing  
Bailey Smith Director, Academic Support and Achievement Center 2014-17 VP Instruction
Anabel Perez Coordinator, Learning Communities 2013-16 Academic Senate
Ivan Pena Director of Career and Transfer Services 2014-17 VP Student Services
Sun Ezzell Professor, Learning Assistance 2013-16 Academic Senate
Paul Frahs Professor, English 2014-17 Academic Senate
Janet McMullin Professor, Math 2013-16 Academic Senate
Barbara Mezaki Professor, AmLa 2014-17 Academic Senate
Hector Sanchez Professor, Counseling 2012-15 Academic Senate
Vacant Professor, At-large 2014-17 Academic Senate 
Vacant Professor, Non-credit At-large  2014-17  Academic Senate 
Crystal Valdez Professor, Non-credit Adult Education  2014-17  Academic Senate 
Michael Sanetrick Professor, Non-credit ESL 2013-16  Academic Senate 
LeeVante Haywood Student Representative  2015-16  Associated Students