Journalism Program

Course Rotation Plan

This plan is subject to modification based on staff availability, classroom space, changes in institutional planning, and/or limitations on section offerings due to budget constraints. "X" indicates the course is available during the given semester.

JOUR 100 Mass Media and Society X X X X
JOUR 101 Beginning News Writing X   X  
JOUR 102 Intermediate News Writing X   X  
JOUR 103 News Writing Lab X   X  
JOUR 104 Newspaper and Magazine Production and Photography Lab X   X  
JOUR 105 Editor Training X   X  
JOUR 106 Online New Media Laboratory X   X  
JOUR 107 Race, Culture, Sex, and Mass Media Images X   X  
JOUR 108 Writing for Public Relations X   X  
JOUR 109 Public Relations Internship X   X  
JOUR 110 Magazine Writing and Production X   X  
JOUR 111 Broadcast News Writing X   X  
JOUR 112 Work Experience in Journalism X   X