We're all over digital media.

A lot is happening in the world today and our student journalists are covering these stories everyday, as they happen. Because our readers get their news online, we've moved all our publications to the web via multiple online publication platforms.

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In Spring 2015, we killed the print version of our magazine, Substance, and launched it digitally on innovative publishing platform, which allowed us to publish content regularly and expand our reach.

Substance is composed of in-depth, long-form journalism covering stories that matter. Student journalists keep a pulse on the interests of our readers from across the country and even internationally, covering the latest stories and events that transcend local interests and bring relevant, significant issues to the surface. Substance will have you addicted, but it's "Not just another bad habit."    

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In the semester following the transition of Substance to Medium, we decided to move our print newspaper, The Mountaineer, to Medium as well. We renamed the publication SAC Media and adopted "Print without the ink" as our slogan to convey that we would continue to publish relevant content in a digital platform. In addition, working digitally has allowed us to expand our offerings to include both timely content and multimedia elements in stories. SAC Media focuses on news and events that impact students, faculty and staff, and local residents.

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In addition to daily reporting on SAC Media, the journalism program launched hyperlocal reporting via Twitter under @SAConScene and #SOSMtSAC where student journalists post up-to-the-minute news clips and updates to keep students, staff, faculty, and local residents informed. We were the first college program  to have a news publication entirely on Twitter. 

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