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Workshops (Now in session virtually)

Throughout the year, the Career Center presents a variety of workshops that are designed to provide job seekers with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete effectively for employment opportunities. The dates and times for these workshops are posted on our Career Center Calendar and here is a List of Spring '21 Workshops. A listing of workshop subjects with brief descriptions of each are given below:

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Resume Development 

This workshop will show students how to create a chronological resume that will showcase your experience and work history. A skills-based functional resume which can highlight your expertise. You will learn how to compose a concise and effective cover letter to an employer and avoid common mistakes when filling out applications. 

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Interview Preparation

What's your approach? In this workshop you will be prepared for an interview with employers and help prepare your strategy. You will learn the "Do's and Don't" when interviewing and learn how to communicate with ease and confidence. 

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Practice Interview

How will you present yourself during an interview? Receive "one-on-one" assistance from our professional Career Specialist. Receive immediate and professional feedback on job interviewing skills and presentation style. Participants must call the Career Center at (909) 274-4510 or click here to schedule an appointment. 

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In's & Out's of Mountie CareerSource

Learn how to navigate the Mountie CareerSource. Students attending this workshop will learn how to perform an effective job search, upload a resume and other relevant documents, and how to apply for jobs. 

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Students will learn why LinkedIn is an essential personal branding tool, and explore how to utilize it for professional networking, employment search and more. This workshop will show students how to optimize a LinkedIn profile and other tips. 

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Matching Majors to Occupations

Students will learn how to connect majors to educational and occupational alternatives. This workshop will help students be better prepared for internships and employment search. 

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Personal Branding

This workshop provides an overview of branding concepts and engages students in exercises to help them begin creating their own personal brand. 

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Employment Search Strategies 

This workshop provides an overview of key steps in the employment search process, including employment search myths, a discussion of various employment search methods, essential employment search tools and strategies, and how to make the process more efficient.  

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Internships (Value for your Future) 

This workshop will assist students with learning methods, exploring tools, and gaining resources to find, select, land and make the most out of internships and experiential learning opportunities. 

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Mentorship in Career Development

This workshop provides students with an accurate depiction of the mentoring relationship that can be tied into career development and how to use this opportunity to network with mentors that could potentially give students more exposure to employment opportunities. 

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Evaluating Job Offers

This workshop helps students learn how to evaluate employment offers and how to negotiate their first salary. Students will also learn approaches and tips to critically review compensation (salary and benefits package). 

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Customer Service

This workshop will provide students with an in-depth look at the true definition of customer service. Students will also receive a balanced comparison between the many different types of customer service and how to apply them correctly in order to achieve optimal results. 

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Employment Mindset Approach

Students will frame an understanding of taking the right approach towards employability, while maintaining employment. This workshop will also provide students with tools that will assist them with generating a positive mindset as it relates to professional growth and development. 

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Time Management 

This workshop will provide students with tools to help them prioritize their life in both education and employment. Students will review effective time management strategies and resources that will assist them with independent judgment and structure. 

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