Deborah Boroch Developmental Educator of the Year Award

Each year, the Developmental Education Study Team awards the DBDE, recognizing excellence in the effective application of developmental education principles. Named after one of our founding members, Dr. Debbie Boroch, Dean of Instruction, this award is a way for the team to continue Debbie’s commitment to effective student learning by identifying faculty across the campus who have displayed that same passion for and effective use of developmental education principles.

A Developmental Educator

1) empowers students to become independent learners

  • they take responsibility for their own learning
  • they are able to make accurate self-assessments
  • they can explain how they learn

2) challenges students to achieve personal and academic goals

3) introduces novelty to keep the brain activated

4) uses a variety of learning strategies including team work, project or problem-based learning, discussions, lectures, etc.

5) is concerned with both the cognitive and affective dynamics of learning

6) displays a commitment to staying current in the discipline as well as adult learning theory (which can include personal research, participation in appropriate conferences and professional development activities)

Previous Award Winners 2010: The faculty of the Respiratory Therapy program 2011: Michelle Dougherty, English 2012: Glenda Bro, American Language 2013: Kimberly Quintana-Mullane, English 2014: Pat Bower, Learning Assistance