Developmental Education Conferences

Every year the Developmental Education Study Team hosts a spring conference highlighting the principles of Developmental Education. Below is a list of previous conference titles and keynote speakers.

2002: Parachutes & Ladders I: Developing the Whole Student

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Tom Angelo, University of Akron, Ohio

2003: Parachutes & Ladders II: Practical Applications of Brain-Based Learning

Keynote Speaker - Kenneth A. Wesson, Educational Consultant Neuroscience

2004: Parachutes & Ladders III: The Brain's Natural Learing Process - A Practical Approach

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Rita Smilkstein, Western Washington University

2005: Parachutes & Ladders IV: Go Ahead and Jump!

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Edward "Chip" Anderson, Azusa Pacific University

2006: Parachutes & Ladders V: No Brain No Gain

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Janet Zadina, University of New Orleans

2008: Parachutes & Ladders VII: The Affective Side of Learning

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Shane J. Lopez, University of Kansas-Lawrence 

2009: Parachutes & Ladders VIII: Framing Thought in the 21st Century

Keynote Speaker - Marc Prensky, Yale University

2010: Parachutes & Ladders IX: Faculty Inquiry and Student Learning

Keynote Team - Katie Hern, Tom De Wit, Sean MacFarland from Faculty Inquiry Network 

2011: Parachutes & Ladders X: Celebrating Student Engagement

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Myron Dembo, University of Southern California

2012: Parachutes & Ladders XI: Heart and Soul of the Classroom

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade, San Francisco State University 

2013: Parachutes & Ladders XII: Building Global Citizens

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Francisco Reveles, California State University, Sacramento

2014: Parachutes & Ladders XIII: Teach Less, Learn More

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Yeap Ban HarMarshall Cavendish Institute, Singapore