Photo of Lake Mead

Photo Credit: Maria Diaz Carrillo

A Group Exhibition Curated by Sapira Cheuk

Featuring work by artists and contributors: Alexander Heilner, Kendra Sollars, Jen Urso, Jess Benjamin, Marc Wise, Michael B Mason, Patrick Kikut, Sean Russell, Cody Perry, John Fleck, Kyle Roerink, and Dr. Thomas Minckley.

“In life and art, we reflect the river, and the river reflects us…we can’t live without the river. But the river will live on without us.” - Kyle Roerink

On August 16, the US Bureau of Reclamation announced the first official shortage declaration for the Colorado River. For the seven US states along the river, this means new restrictions and a changed relationship not only to the river, but also to each other. The exhibition Along the Colorado highlights artwork that explores issues around water; its scarcity, use, commodification, conservation, legality, and other issues through the lens of artists who reside in these states. 


Exhibition Dates: November 3 – December 8, 2022
Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 3, 4:30-7:30pm
1st Artist/Curator Talk and Film Viewing: Thursday, November 17, 1:30pm
2nd Artist/Curator Talk: Wednesday, November 30, 11:45am

To RSVP for an event and to schedule an exhibition tour,  please email Phoebe Millerwhite

Online Exhibition:
General Information: (909)274-4328
Gallery Hours: Tuesdays/ Wednesdays 11am-1pm, Thursdays 1pm-4pm, Saturday November 19th 1pm-4pm
Location: Building 1BC-10 - Free and open to the public

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