Convergent Fractals (We Are): 

Mapping Oneness Through Art

Convergent Fractals (We Are): Mapping Oneness Through Art

Gil Arreola, Griselda Calderon-Lopez, Elijah Ford, Aaron Hansen, Madam X, MLN17, Svetlana Shigroff & Dewey Tafoya

Are humans a part of something greater than themselves?
Are we part of a unified body across geographies and timelines?
Are we part of a collective struggle, from all ancestors across humanity?
Are we the vast unknown Universe, embodied as humans?

We Are Fractals. We Are Converging. We Are One.


Fractals are defined as base forms within nature that are self-similar, an exacting smaller replica of a larger whole, and can be found in trees, human organs, and known parts of the Universe. Convergence is defined as moving toward one point or another, to come together, or unite. Oneness is defined as the quality or state of being unified or whole and comprised of two or more parts.

“The idea that the self is inextricably intertwined with the rest of the world—the “oneness hypothesis”—can be found in many of the world’s philosophical and religious traditions. Oneness provides ways to imagine and achieve a more expansive conception of the self as fundamentally connected with other people, creatures, and things. Such views present profound challenges to Western hyper individualism and its excessive concern with self-interest and tendency toward self-centered behavior.”  - The Oneness Hypothesis, Beyond the Boundary of Self.

All the artists in this exhibition are exploring various themes in their work which intersect here in this space to form a unified collectivity. Some of the work serves as a mirror, a reflection of “us” while other works serve as a witness, a steadfast observer of things that mark our present and collective history. Through each work, a particular connection is revealed.

How do we uncover the connections? How do we begin to “see” what is beyond the surface? How do we generate meaning? We must start with a baseline of how we orient ourselves in the world. Who are we? What is important to us? What motivates us? What is the purpose of this life? It can be challenging to find our own baseline, let alone understanding the baseline of our “current times” or the collective zeitgeist across the entire globe.

Each artist understands their own baseline in this construct of reality that we all coexist within. Amidst nuance and contextual shifts, they operate from a clear channel within themselves and explore the idea of what exists beyond “the self” - even in times of chaos and upheaval. Whether the subject matter is self-identity, self-navigating-the-world-around-them, or extracting the “self” from the equation, each artist is grappling with some core aspect of humanity in their own way and their art can operate as a legend, a secret, a message - a set of points mapping our interconnectedness.

Curated By: Marnie Navarro

Exhibition Dates: April 14th- May 14th, 2022
Opening Reception:
Thursday, April 14th, 2022 at 5:00-8:00pm

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