Procuring Accessible Software

Once you determine your needs and research the market, you are ready to determine if the software meets Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 accessibility standards. 

  1. Ask the vendor to describe their accessibility plan. Don't just accept the statement that they are fully accessible, ask them how their products are accessible.
  2. Search our  Voluntary Product Accessibility Template ( VPAT) Library or ask the vendor to provide a VPAT.
  3. Have the vendor complete the Mt. SAC Procurement Checklist.
  4. Consider two or there products that meet your needs and purchase the one that is most accessible.

Note: Purchase the most accessible software you can and plan how you will accommodate it. If you cannot accommodate a product in an equally effective way, you cannot require it.

How to read a VPAT.

Used with permission from the High Tech Center Training Unit.