Chat. - Two options!

At Mt.SAC you can chat with a Librarian 24/7. We collaborate with various academic libraries in order to provide round-the-clock service, so you may be chatting with a Librarian at Mt. SAC or at another library.

Chat is great for quick questions like determining if Mt. SAC has a particular book or if you need to be guided on how to get started on your research. Mt. SAC Librarians will email you if your question needs follow up information.  For complicated or in-depth questions or research, we recommend coming to the Library if possible.  Librarians will NOT do your research for you - only guide you.

If you use this chat form, the Librarian will be able to send you live web pages that you can see and use.

If you use the "Ask a Librarian" widget, the Librarian will be able to send you web addresses. You won’t be able to see the web pages live unless you open them in another window or visit them later when you receive a transcript of the chat session.


Stop by the Mt. SAC Library Information Desk where a Librarian is available all hours that the Library is open. In-person help is great for all kinds of questions, from the very simple to the very complicated research consultation.


Email us anytime. A Mt. SAC Librarian will respond within 2 business days. Email is a good choice for questions that do not need an immediate response. If you have an in-depth research question, the Librarian may recommend that you visit us in person.


Call us during regular business hours. Contacting us by phone is good for quick questions.

If you have research questions, Librarians are happy to teach you how to use the Mt. SAC Library’s resources to find sources!

You will need your Mt. SAC portal login information in order to access the Library resources from off campus.

Mt. SAC Library strives to make our online resources accessible to everyone. We specifically consider design features that make our web pages accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those using assistive technology for computer access. If you find a library page or database inaccessible to you, please contact Hong Guo at (909) 274-6490 or Mt. SAC Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSP&S) at (909) 274-4290. Last Modified: 11/6/16