What is Connect 4?

Connect 4 is a process overseen by the High School Outreach (HSO) team, under the direction of the Counseling Department. Connect 4 assists graduating in-district high schools seniors in their transition to Mt. SAC. Students who successfully complete the 4 steps with their HSO Specialist will receive Early Registration for Fall!

Find out who your Outreach Specialist is by going to our Outreach Specialist Bio Page. 

Why Connect 4?

  • Early Registration!
  • Get Help! Make your transition to Mt. SAC SUCCESSFUL!
  • Information and connection to programs & resources at Mt. SAC.

What are the Connect 4 Steps?

    • 1 Step 1- Apply

      Apply for Fall admission to Mt. SAC at your high school.

      • Your assigned Outreach Specialist will host application workshops at your high school. 
    • 2 Step 2 - Placement in English & Math

      Get placed into a Math and English class.

      • Your assigned Outreach Specialist will provide you with information about your placement into Math and English classes. Be sure to keep in contact with them!
    • 3 Step 3-New Student Orientation

      Attend a New Student Orientation w/ Ed Plan at Mt. SAC.

      • Come to Mt. SAC and attend one of our New Student Orientations. 
      • During the New Student Orientation you will make an abbreviated Ed Plan with one of our Counselors.
    • 4 Step 4-Register

      Register on your Early Registration date for Fall classes!

      • Once all steps are complete you will be given an early registration date,  be sure to log into your Mt. SAC portal and register for classes online.


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