Wellness Committee

The purpose of the Employee Wellness Committee is to promote a culture of physical, psychological, and emotional well-being for our employees by providing activities and support that will result in healthier lifestyles. The goals of the Committee include: 
  • Increasing awareness and factors contributing to physical and mental well-being.
  • Inspiring and empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own health.
  • Encouraging employees to make healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Creating a sense of community and raising awareness through the use of campus and community health and wellness resources.
  1. To facilitate wellness communication through various online resources, workshops, and events.
  2. To offer programs that encourages physical activity, emotional well-being, and healthy eating habits.
  3. To ensure that there is compliance with laws and regulations that may affect wellness activities.
  4. To provide resources for employees to build a supportive network to bolster health goals.
  5. To encourage employee suggestion and feedback on future wellness programs and activities.
2017-2018 Approved Purpose and Function 
2016-2017 Approved Purpose and Function